Photo Quick Tips #3 Move

Oct 20 2011


I’ll share a little secret with you all……. the easiest way to get better pictures is to move.


You have two options;

Move yourself or move your subject.


It’s really as simple as that but let me explain further……..


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Identifying a new target market

Oct 13 2011

I’m continuing my weekly articles with a brand new series titled Mumpreneur Business Tips. I’ll be sharing a few ideas that might help you develop your own business. They’ll be everything from marketing to social media tips so I hope you’ll find something useful.


I’ll be posting a different article every other week and if you’ve already enjoyed the Photo Quick Tips then don’t worry they will still continue!

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Photo Quick Tips #2 Assume the position

Oct 06 2011

This might be our 2nd photography quick tip but it’s the first thing was taught in my photography A level many moons ago…… how to stand and hold your camera when taking a picture.


This might seem an obvious thing to point out but I’ve looked over my shoulder at weddings and you’re all guilty of bad photography posture!


The advent of digital changed many things in photography but it also changed the way we hold a camera. Professionals might argue it hasn’t for them but the truth is it has or all of us.


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