Better in than out – 10 reasons why it’s better to have a late baby

Jul 08 2014

So my wife is in her 4th week of maternity leave and there’s no sign of baby. She’s got her favourite daytime TV shows, she’s joined a number of ridiculous Facebook groups where mums try and sell used junk they brought off ebay and she’s even started doing crosswords.

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Triangles | Weekly Photography Challenge

Jul 04 2014

In art triangles are a wonderful and beautiful thing. We look for them to help describe an image, we create them with shadows and subjects and we use them to lead the eye around a picture.

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Trying to be less sweary | Sympathy Pains

Jul 01 2014

Oh sh***********t, Emma’s been on maternity leave for two weeks now which means only one thing, this baby is coming soon!

The NCT classes are done, the nursery has been decorated and the hospital bag was packed weeks ago.

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