Struggling with Empathy

Feb 12 2014

This article is going to make me sound like the worst man ever but I have a feeling I’m not alone. Firstly I should make it clear that I’m am very excited about having a new life coming to join us and live with us for a while.

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How long does the pregnancy sickness last?

Jan 29 2014

So to update you we are at week 17 of our pregnancy and Emma is still feeling sick.
Luckily it’s only in the mornings, mid mornings afternoons and evenings. At lunch she’s fine.


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The most photographed baby in the world?

Jan 22 2014

This last week I have been in attendance and speaking at The Societies photography convention here in London which is always a highlight in my calendar. Not only do I get to meet up with some old friends but there’s a huge trade show which gives me the chance to check out the latest gear and products.


As we have just opened up a new studio our walls are still very plain so we were looking for some interesting wall products amounts other things. However, one thing that really consumed my time was the hunt for a new camera.

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