Is all we want a healthy baby?

Mar 19 2014

All we want is a healthy baby

I wonder how many people ACTUALLY believe this statement when they’re saying it? I can understand if it’s a statement that comes with some history and I’m not saying that everyone doesn’t hope for a healthy baby.

What I’m suggesting is that is not ALL want people want. Or maybe it is, maybe pregnancy turns you into an idealist where nothing in life phases you if you have your health.

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My wife falls over

Mar 12 2014

There’s a misconception that women are great at multitasking and my wife is proof of that. I’m not suggesting that men are better at dealing with more than one task at a time either, I’m writing this article on a train and I’ve just missed my stop.

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Baby Playlist

Mar 05 2014

A few weeks ago all of my wife’s pregnancy apps started telling us that baby can hear now. The general consensus from all of these apps are that we should sing to our unborn child.

Strangely there’s nothing about discouraging parents from reading the Daily Mail out loud but I guess that’s just common sense.

I’m by no stretch of the imagination a vocalist but in my twenties I did have a thing for thing for singing Sinatra at the karaoke.

My wife thought it was a good idea to put me in the spot and told me “Sing to your baby”. At the time I couldn’t think of any songs that I actually knew the words to so I just hummed a few.

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