Crying over cous cous

Apr 02 2014

As the second trimester comes to a close I think I’ve been coping with the pregnancy well so far so I’m inclined to give myself a big pat on the back.
My wife however seems to be embracing every pregnancy symptom that exists. The sickness has been replaced by pains and thankfully she’s able to keep a whole meal down.
A couple of weeks ago we had what I like to call “The Last Holiday” in Tunisia. Nothing fancy, just one of those all-you-can-eat package holidays that make all your clothes smell like buffet. 

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Spira Portraits – A New Way of seeing

Apr 01 2014

Today Memory Gate Photography are launching probably the biggest innovation in photography and art since the introduction of digital photography. We call it Spira Portraits but really what we have created is much more than just a name, it’s a new way of seeing.
We believe that if Pablo Picasso was alive today this is the sort of imagery that he would be creating.
It’s inspired by nature and created from the heart. These are the sort of images that we have in our homes and we hope in the future so will you. 

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30 Unique ways to spell the name Unique

Mar 26 2014

I got a lovely text from my friend the other day with a picture of his newborn baby and all the usual vital statistics. Born at 4:48am, poor guy I thought, he must have had a long night.
But it was the last bit of the message really caught my attention “name still be debated”.
That’s a foolish thing to send to me I thought, he should know better. 

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