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Apr 16 2013

The wonderful world of the modern World Wide Web means that you have several lifetimes of knowledge, advice and experience available at your fingertips, and for the most part it’s free.


For anyone in business the idea about giving anything away for free is frustrating. There is of course an element of double standards. You might feel the same but you’re reading this for free and I’m more than happy to dispense my advice for free. Actually that’s not true. I’m happy to offer about 10% of my advice for free. If you want the rest then you’ll have to reach into you pocket and pay for my services.

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The importance of Collaboration in our Business

Mar 21 2013

So far this year has been about milestones. The start of 2013 was the start of our photography business’s 4th year of trading. April will be my 5th year of living back in the UK full-time after a life on the high seas working on cruise ships and in February my wife and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.

Actually I could continue, March is our 3rd year photographing 90% babies (and being a member of the MPA).

In January I was a speaker at The Societies annual Photography convention for the 2nd year and just the other week it was the 1st year I was invited to speak at an International Women’s Day conference.

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Winners of our London photography competition!!

Feb 02 2012

It’s been a long process but we have finally selected the winners of the London Mums photography competition. The amazing prizes are sponsored by
a Fish in Sea and authors of Never Mind the Botox.

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