Benefits of massage to boost women’s mental health

Jan 24 2022

Valentine and Mother’s day Day are approaching and people rush to buy gifts that have hearts and love messages. But it would be much simpler to get a voucher for a massage for a loved one. Although I am not usually a massage type of person, I recently booked two sessions for myself and my best friend at The Massage Company in Putney.

The benefits of that hour spent getting a Swedish massage was priceless and lasted a whole week afterwards. 

Massage is a fantastic aid to mental health, too. It’s scientifically proven that’s because, as well as improving circulation and blood flow, massage releases endorphins (just like exercise) that improve your mood and contribute to reducing depression.

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Gadget Review: Canon PowerShot PX – The camera that puts mums back in the pictures

Dec 24 2021

Get your hands on the best yule log, ever made by myself and Monica Costa with the help of no other than The Great British Bake Off 2016 finalist Andrew Smyth. This master baker with his precision engineering helped a group of London Mums in a baking master class.

Our afternoon was set at a gorgeous cooking school called Enrica Rocco cooking school in Notting Hill. 

This idyllic setting made it perfect for Canon to promote PowerShot PX where beautiful videos and pictures were captured by ‘Pixie‘.

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Gadget Review: Active Noise Cancellation headphones 

Dec 22 2021

One of London Mums magazine reviewers, dad Stevie, has reviewed the latest and most innovative headphones, the House of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC Over-Ear Headphones

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