Film review: DC League of Super-Pets

Jul 28 2022

On Sunday 24th July four young reporters reviewed DC League of Super-Pets on behalf of London Mums Magazine.

Reporter 1: Pavan Panesar claims to have bigger muscles than Dwayne Johnson. 13 years old.

Reporter 2: Sandeep Panesar has big cute smile like ‘Krypto’. 12 years old.

Reporter 3 Arjun Panesar claims to tell better jokes than Kevin Hart. 9 years old.

Reporter 4: Amandeep Panesar has super powers like ‘Krypto’. 9 years old loves wearing a cape.

Another great animation from Warner Brothers, capturing a story of Man’s best friend ‘Krypto’.

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30% off instore on the 30th of the month to celebrate FARA’s 30th Anniversary

Jul 25 2022

As a Mum to two young children, I was really excited to hear about the 30-30-30 offer that FARA charity shops are running at the moment. To celebrate 30 years since the first shop opened, on the 30th of every month, London Mums readers can get 30% off everything in store! You just need to show a copy of this blog, so screenshot it now!

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London Mums Pretty Things Wishlist

Jul 24 2022

London Mums Pretty Things Wishlist for 2022 has been revealed in the Summer / Autumn 2022 print magazine downloadable from here.

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