Picture book of the month and a chat with author Uju Asika about A World for Me and You

Jul 06 2022

There are lots of beautiful new picture books to take with you on holiday and read to the children this Summer. My personal favourite one has to be Uju Asika’s A World for Me and You, published with Hachette Children’s Group. 

Uju is a fabulous mum and writer and I have recently caught up with her. She a multiple award-nominated blogger, screenwriter and  creative consultant. On her popular blog, Babes About Town, she shares  ‘witty, informative and beautifully written’ stories about London,  culture and family life. She is also the founder of digital consultancy,  Mothers and Shakers. A former journalist, she’s written for  publications such as The Guardian, Time Out and Salon.com and her poetry  appears in select literary anthologies. As a screenwriter and script  editor, she’s worked on some of Africa’s hottest TV shows, including the  award-winning series Tinsel. Born in Nigeria, Uju grew up in the UK and  has worked in London, New York and Lagos. She lives in north London  with her husband and two football-mad boys.

A World for Me and You is a beautiful book about encouraging children to celebrate, appreciate and understand diversity and also a great way to open up conversations with children surrounding acceptance and difference. 

Enjoy our chat!

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Book of the week: ‘Xavier and his magical Blueberry Muffins’ by Anges de Sucre

May 03 2022

Anges de Sucre are known for their amazing cakes and creations, but recently they ventured out down the path of releasing a kids’ cookbook. So, what’s the big deal? Well this isnt just any old cookbook with a few photos and ingredients listed with a vague description and method to follow. No, this is a cookbook designed to get kids into baking, by merging a story with a recipe to follow along at home.

We followed Xavier and Terry the teddy bear on their story and thoroughly enjoyed going through this with the younger family members. 

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5 Top Books to understand Dementia

Mar 30 2022

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, you are left with many questions wondering how you will handle the situation. Living with someone having dementia requires a lot of patience and understanding. However, most people are not aware of handling their patients hence get overwhelmed by the situation.

Several books in the market can help you understand the condition. The books will provide helpful information on dealing with different situations common with dementia patients.

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