Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Spain

May 29 2019

I love Spain, and I always gladly go back. This country is more than just the sangria and Barcelona (although both combined are a recipe for a pretty good time).

If you’ve never been there, but you are seriously thinking of visiting it this year, I will gladly help you by pointing out a few unusual things to do.

I know that the usual touristy places cannot be missed, but are you up for something not so mainstream?

Here we go my list of cool and unusual things to do in Spain. Whatever place you pick, I suggest you to book a tour; I hired Barcelona private tour and had the most laid-back holiday ever.

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Me-time Travel: Treat Yourself to Self Care in 2019

May 28 2019

The term “self-care” has been trending on social media for a while now. For those not familiar with it, self-care is pretty self-explanatory: it means to take care of yourself. If you’re experiencing excessive fatigue, brain fog, or stress, those are signs that you should slow down and take better care of yourself. This generally means that you make time to focus on your mental and physical health. This might involve walking through the park, going for a run, eating nutritious foods, and getting more sleep.

But self care also means treating yourself to something that makes you feel good, is fun, or helps you to de-stress. For example, if you love getting your nails, then it’s an activity you should make time for. If indulging in dessert now and then makes you really happy, then it’s worth it. And if you feel like you constantly have to put others’ needs before your own, just know that it’s okay to treat yourself to some much needed you-time. Your health and sanity depends on it! After all, you can’t help out others if you don’t have the energy to do so. If you need some ideas for getting started, here are several ways you can treat yourself to self-care this year:

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Making Family Travel More Affordable

Apr 28 2019

It can be one thing to head off on some travels when you’re fresh out of University or secondary school, or travelling far off on a luxury honeymoon. But when you become a parent and have children to take with you, care for, and feed, then travel, especially going abroad, can feel like a pretty daunting task. In fact, for many, travel might even feature that highly in your priorities, but it can still be something that can help and give you the chance to relax and have some quality time together. 

Children can learn a lot from travel too, so travel shouldn’t be something on the bottom of your priority list either. Travel and getting away as a family can help you all to work together, learn how you all deal with new situations and places, as well as help you to all communicate in an effective way.

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