Travel with kids: Tried-and-Tested Tips for Travelling Happy with Kids

Sep 19 2014

They’re five words that every parent dreads hearing; a plaintive cry from the back seat of a car or camper van that means just one thing. The rest of this journey, no matter how long, is not going to be fun.

“Are we nearly there yet?”

Parkdean, the family holiday parks operator with 24 sites around the UK, recently conducted a survey of 1,478 parents to find out just how often they hear ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ during a journey. They discovered that during a single trip, 48% of parents hear their kids ask the question more than six times, and two-thirds hear the first utterance during the first hour!

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Travel with kids: Sardinia beyond the Coast – The murales from Orgosolo, the walls that speak

Sep 04 2014

I have chosen Sardinia (Orgosolo in particular) to start my narrative journey into my origin country hoping you will love it as much as I do. In a series of travel features I will tell you everything I love about Italy above and beyond the negative aspects that might put a shadow into a fascinating culture. And I will also uncover lots of things that might not be on the typical tourists’ map. In fact I will focus on those less well known quirky little secrets about Italy. I hope you enjoy following me in my discovery journey.

Sardinia is well known for its white sandy beaches, perennial sunshine, great food and very hospitable Italian islanders.

But I have actually discovered that there’s a lot more behind the beautiful coastal landscapes.

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Travel with kids: Poole (Dorset) sand beaches, cruising & ghost town tours

Aug 30 2014

Poole’s official motto is Surf, Rest and Play. Whether this resonates with you or not, Poole is a great destination for families with kids of any age. The official tourism office calls Poole the Coast with the Most.

For families based in London, Poole is the ideal weekend getaway not just during a hot Summer but also in Winter and here is why.

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