Mastering the art of travelling light: A practical guide for London Mums

Nov 20 2023
kids in paris with luggage posing for mums magazine

If there’s one lesson I haven’t quite mastered despite all my travels in both my youth and adulthood, it’s the art of travelling light. I tend to be a bit challenged in that department — so much so that my friends and family always quip, “Is there a dead body in the luggage?”.

With the promise of a new year filled with exciting travel adventures, I decided it was high time to seek expert advice on the elusive art of travelling light.

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Travel with kids: Exploring The Crown real-life filming locations across the UK

Nov 17 2023
Netfllix the crown season 6 posters

I’m sure you were curious about how they managed to film The Crown without inconveniencing the royal residents of those palaces and castles.

For avid fans of The Crown seeking to immerse themselves in the latest ‘drop’ – season six part one – and the regal world depicted on-screen, a tour of the authentic filming locations simply provides a unique experience. Bringing kids along would add an extra layer of joy to this royal adventure. Here’s a guide to some key sites across the UK, offering a glimpse into the historical drama:

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Kid-friendly flying – Keeping the cool, calm and entertained in the air

Nov 08 2023
baby on a plane

Kid-friendly flying – Keeping the cool, calm, and entertained in the air.

Taking to the skies with kids can be both thrilling and a tad nerve-wracking. There’s the pure joy of children seeing the world from above and the pulsating heartbeat of parents hoping everything goes smoothly. The key? A sprinkle of foresight and a dash of planning. Air travel doesn’t have to be a parental test of patience.

With the right approach, you can ensure that every flight with your kids feels like a breeze rather than a storm. It’s all about setting the tone, equipping yourself with the know-how, and fostering an atmosphere of excitement. So, if you’re keen to make your family’s next flight experience unforgettable in all the right ways, you’re in the right place. Let’s take off on this adventure together!

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