Why in the British school system a good school might be better than an outstanding school

Nov 02 2018

This blog on the British school system might be controversial but I speak from personal experience. I have experimented first hand that an outstanding school is often (not always) more interested in academic results at the expense of its students’ wellbeing, not just mental health in broad terms but also physical health. My son went to an outstanding secondary school last year that was all good on paper but did not nurture social skills in the slightest. I felt that it was more like a Victorian age institution that preferred punishment to positive reinforcement, where children are disciplined with detention for little infractions (i.e. a non-perfect tie knot) all the time and never rewarded for good behaviour and results.

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What to expect at group and individual admissions interviews for selective schools

Oct 30 2018

What are schools looking for in admissions interviews?

Selective schools are increasingly relying on interviews to help them as part of their final selection decisions. Some schools will use the classic one-to-one interview, some prefer group interviews, and some use a combination of both approaches. The keys to success in this form of assessment are letting children know roughly what to expect and helping them be prepared to converse with adults and cooperate with their peers.

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Free Event: How Child Coaching can benefit your family

Oct 29 2018

Free Talk for Parents from JK Educate:


Tuesday, 6th November 2018

8 – 10pm

The Brentano Suite, Lyttelton House, 2 Lyttelton Road London N2 0EF

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