Women feel pressure to ‘get back to normal’ post birth yet self care is key during the 4th trimester

Mar 31 2020

A new survey conducted by Multi-Gyn and Multi-Mam finds that over a third of women (39%) felt pressure to lose their post pregnancy baby weight.  Additionally, nearly a fifth (20%) felt pressure to get back into a fitness regime.

In reality, with the body adjusting to very little sleep and the demands of a newborn baby, for some women the challenges of this fourth trimester can be difficult without any added pressures.  A lack of education, support and conversation about this time leaves many women unprepared for what to expect. 

Every body and every birth is different, but self-care during this trimester is particularly important. Here are 5 ways to help heal your body and enjoy this new stage of life with a precious newborn:

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5 Powerful Tips On How To Beat Postnatal Depression

Feb 12 2020

Most people have heard of postnatal depression (PND) only on a theoretical level. Likely, they perceive it as something that does not concern them (of course, unless they have a personal experience with it or a loved one who suffered or is suffering from this illness).

I perceived it the same way until it hit me hard. So hard that I ended up being on the verge between life and death.

That is when I understood very quickly that postnatal depression concerns every parent, regardless of their age, gender, mental health history, or lifestyle.

Now, what actually is postnatal depression?

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Pregnant at Christmas: Top 10 survival tips for socialising, festive foods and drinks whilst pregnant

Dec 21 2019

It’s tough to be pregnant at Christmas especially if you are a natural socialite. I asked veteran midwife and founder of My Expert Midwife, Lesley Gilchrist, to provide London Mums handy tips on how to cope and not get left out, when everyone around you is eating, drinking and not to mention partying heartily around you.

If you’re finding it hard to imagine festivities without a glass of Prosecco in one hand and a selection of tasty nibbles in the other – not to mention feeling tired at the thought of parties, late nights and visits to family and friends, these top 10  Survival Tips for socialising and eating and drinking when you are pregnant over the festive period will come in handy.

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