Tips to consider when trying to get pregnant

Feb 27 2023
couple with doctor announcing pregnancy

You may be finding it harder than planned to get pregnant or want to ensure you have the best chance of getting pregnant.

Changes to your lifestyle could help you to boost your fertility. TFP Fertility UK, one of the leading IVF and fertility specialists with clinics across the UK and Europe, offer some key information about the kind of changes you should consider.

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Nutrients you didn’t know your pregnancy needs

Dec 15 2022
pregnant woman caressing her tummy while watching nutrients on the kitchen table

Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing experiences a woman can have. In this blog you’ll find out about pregnancy supplements and nutrients you will need.

During this time, it is essential for you to pay close attention to your diet and health in order to ensure your baby’s growth and development. However, by taking care of your body and its needs, you can also ensure that your wellbeing during this time remains optimal.

Pregnancy is known to be a difficult and exhausting time for many women, especially since it is known that women are known to feel fatigue more than men. From the nausea and morning sickness to the physical changes and increased fatigue, many women find pregnancy to be a challenging experience.

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Change your Mindset – Prepare for a confident birth

Oct 17 2022
pregnant woman wearing a two piece bikini posing for mums magazine

Here are some sure-fire ways of changing your mindset about pregnancy and preparing you for a powerful and confident birth experience. Before we start, let me tell you that pregnancy and birth should be celebrated, so get involved and start finding out about how bloody amazing your body and baby are!

A key point I want to mention is learning and re-learning. It is important to spend your time, learning about your body and birth, and what is actually happening when you’re having contractions! Online sources which are evidence-based are a great source of information and can be super helpful just like my Instagram page.

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