The dangers of will writing companies

Apr 16 2023
person writing a will on the computer

Most of us know very little about wills, outside of the fact that they are there to ensure our estates – our properties, money, and other assets – are distributed among our chosen beneficiaries according to our wishes.

They are vital documents. Dying without a will means that your entire estate – not to mention your family – is left in a precarious position, to be distributed according to the rules of intestacy.

Wills are legal documents, so it should come as no surprise that it’s highly recommended that you work with a solicitor to create a will. However, most of us would rather spend as little time as possible contemplating the distant future – a fact which has given rise to the fast-track option of DIY wills and will writing companies, which promise to make the process a lot quicker. Ironically, however, these alternative services may mean your loved ones need to turn to will dispute solicitors after your death.

Here’s why…

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New game turns fussy eaters into adventurous eaters

Apr 01 2023
TEACH YOUR MONSTER adventurous eating

The developers behind the BAFTA nominated phonics game, Teach Your Monster To Read have launched a brand-new ground-breaking game that aims to turn fussy eaters into adventurous eaters and gets kids excited about fruit and vegetables! 

Teach Your Monster is a non-profit organisation funded by the charity, The Usborne Foundation to deliver educational learning games for kids, and it’s latest release is another  learning games that kids will love to play again and again.

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Choosing the right cat for your family: A guide for mums

Mar 20 2023
the right cat for the family - ginger cat

Having a pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both adults and children alike. Not only do pets provide us with companionship, they teach us responsibility, empathy, and unconditional love. Cats are particularly popular choices when it comes to choosing the right pet for your family – but how do you know what the right cat is for you?

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