Sleeping tips for autistic children

Jul 08 2020

Being a parent of a child on the autism spectrum is tough enough and bedtime can be even more challenging than usual. It is quite common for autistic children to experience sleeping difficulties including falling and staying asleep as well as bedwetting.

It is essential for those parents to introduce sleeping routines and ensure they get the right amount of sleep so that they can do well in school and in life.

According to Action Medical Research at least one in 100 children in the UK has an autism spectrum condition (ASC). Children may have problems with communication, social interaction and flexibility of thought so to function at their best, they need an adequate bedtime.

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Skills we need to teach our child before they leave home

May 20 2020

With more time on our hands thanks to the lockdown, it’s understandable that many parents, like me, have started thinking about how little time we have left with our precious children.  

After all, your kids will eventually leave home, either for university or to start their own family. When they do move out, you need to make sure that they have all the adult insight and skills they need.

While school provides children with a vital education, the curriculum doesn’t usually contain many basic life skills, meaning it’s up to you as a parent to prepare your child for the future.

With this in mind, here’s a list of some of the essential skills that your child needs to know before they fly the nest and start making a life of their own.

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Music therapy for children and families at home

May 08 2020

Throughout the lockdown and forced self-isolation, my musical skills have helped me overcome loneliness and de-motivation. I have recently spoken with Louise Gregg, Music Therapist from Nordoff Robbins, who has told me about a music therapy project in collaboration with TV programme The Clangers. 

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