7 ways to introduce education into your child’s bedroom

Jan 10 2020

When it comes down to giving our children a loving and wholesome upbringing, one of the most important factors is their education. We want to provide our children with the opportunities we may never have had and in many cases, try to save them from the mistakes we made whilst growing up. Whether that means growing up in a situation with very few opportunities, not choosing to continue with further education or even going down a career path that wasn’t meant to be.

All these problems often stem down to education and as a parent, there is only so much input we can give. After all, many of us have children that are schooled outside of the home. It’s a sad reality, but our children’s teachers spend more hours in the day with our children than we do.

With that in mind, the bigger impact we have on our children after school hours and often, within the home, is crucial. Installing an educational wallpaper, globe or bookshelf in your child’s bedroom won’t only educate them in a fun way, but will invigorate and inspire them to learn every day. Read on to find out 7 ways to introduce education into your child’s bedroom.

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Parents spend four days every year getting kids into the car

Jan 07 2020

As parents, we can certainly relate to the daily struggle of getting kids into the car. According to new research from SEAT, it costs families 96 hours a year getting children ready, out of the house and into the car twice a day. 

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3 Powerful Tips On How To Enjoy Christmas Even If You Don’t Feel Like It!

Dec 23 2019

Ok, so this is the first Christmas with our boys that we seem to will have actually enjoyed! But let’s start at the beginning…

My name is Ivana (or less formally, Ivanka) and I am a mum to two gorgeous twin boys Mason and Henry. I love them so much it hurts but girl, they can drive me mad sometimes!

But that’s motherhood, isn’t it? Some days you burst with love and happiness, other days you burst with anger or stress… However, what I love about it is that love always wins. Regardless of how long or intense the battle is, love always comes out of it as an invincible winner. 

I have not always felt this way, though. The first few months of motherhood I had a battle with postnatal depression which was frankly the toughest battle of my life and something I hope to never go through again!

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