The history of the T-shirt: From underwear to symbol of rebelliousness

Jul 14 2021

These days T-shirts are so common and so widely used that we might not even notice them unless they carry messages that the individuals want to express.

I have gone back in time to see where the T-shirt has come from.

In Victorian times sailors in the British Empire and in the USA used t-shirts to protect themselves from adverse weather. Later on, workers started using t-shirts not just inside factories but also outside.

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Are you a panicking parent or a calm carer?

Jul 12 2021

If you’re a working parent wondering how you’ll survive the summer school holidays, new research shows you’re not alone!

The approach of the long summer school holidays can bring out different feelings for different families. While some parents and guardians look forward to spending more time with the children, others can be slightly nervous about how they are going to keep the kids entertained for such a long stretch, especially if they’re having to balance work demands at the same time.

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Start your morning right and you can have a brilliant day – here’s how

Jul 08 2021

I don’t know about you but, these days there are some mornings where I’m not even sure of how far into the week I am. Like so many, I’m working from home. The old routines of getting up, getting the kids ready, breakfast and getting off to work have all but gone and like everyone else I am not sure if this will have changed by the end of June.

But regardless of restrictions that are still in place and the changes that will eventually come it important to manage our mornings. And the best way to do that is by embracing the ‘micro-moment’ – tiny little manageable interventions that can make a huge difference.

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