Fashion in 2022: retro, sexy and fun trends are here to stay 

Jan 08 2022

In 2020 and 2021 I felt that Covid had killed fashion trends once and for all but I am starting to be optimistic again. Having said that, don’t you have the feeling that these days there’s not a clear fashion style or trend? The post-pandemic world is chaotic, and creative, colourful and a bit crazy. 

With so many wannabe fashionistas on Instagram, I have the feeling that everything go nowadays in terms of fashion so I have gone out and found my favourite outfits for this coming Spring. It goes without saying that my The only trend I follow is good taste and chic (if you prefer to quote the French).

My top fashion tip is the one my mum gave me when I was a teenager: if a piece of clothing is flattering and enhances your best body features it’s in, otherwise out.

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Educating teenagers to develop emotional intelligence

Jan 06 2022

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and respond effectively to emotions.  When your teenager is able to practice and develop these skills it allows him or her to build strong relationships, make good decisions and deal with difficult situations.

But connecting emotionally to your teenager can be hard. Teenagers can be defensive and brittle, they strive for independence and are often deeply critical and rejecting of a parent’s advice. So how can you best develop the kind of relationship with your teenager that will help them to develop the skills of emotional intelligence?

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Air Scares: Young British children more scared of hand dryers than the dark

Jan 03 2022

Young children in the UK are more likely to fear hand dryers than the dark a new survey has found. 

A survey this week revealed that manussiccusphobia, a phobia of hand dryers, is one of the top ten fears in UK children, more so than monsters, ghosts, nightmares, sharks, doctors and even ‘bad guys’.  

Some 38 per cent of parents surveyed reported that their children were frightened of hand dryers, compared to 35 per cent of those scared of the dark.

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