My mum is a rock star

Mar 27 2021

Musicians are my favourite people to interview and to be around. Here I give you four incredible mums who have fulfilled their dream to become rock stars. Award-winning songwriter Amy Speace (Amy) has made the most revealing album of her career (her ninth) with There Used to Be Horses Here – recorded in Nashville in just four days. Beautifully uplifting and deeply personal, the album sets Amy’s majestic voice to symphonic arrangements, yet her songwriting remains intimate and emotional. London mum LuLu Ash (Lulu) has just finished recording her debut album Circles about all feelings of confusion, sadness & self-doubt within us, that eventually we overcome to appreciate our own worth & strength, and with that comes the closure of the circle, a sense of peace.

Glasgow singer (now London-based mum) Melanie Masson (Mel) shot to fame on ITV talent show The X Factor back in 2012, after a heart-rending, roof-raising performance of Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby. This is when I first contacted her. She has had a solo career and toured all over the world ever since.

Nini Matessi Schou (Nini) is a vocal coach, a songwriter and punk rock performer based in Denmark.

You might not know their names yet, but watch this space as they are absolutely fabulous.

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Exclusive! Rock star mum Imelda May: ‘I give my daughter roots and wings’

Mar 08 2021

Globally revered soft rock Queen from Dublin, Imelda May, makes an eagerly awaited return with her new studio album 11 Past The Hour (out on Decca Records) this spring. Her brand-new single Just One Kiss is straight down dirty rock ’n’ roll, joined by close friends and music legends Noel Gallagher on vocals and Ronnie Wood on guitar. I have caught up with her.

When I first listened to Imelda’s new record I felt an instant connection with that music. Imelda delves into desire, both romantic and carnal with most songs – deliciously lustful low-slung blues and a mesmerising voice. 11 Past The Hour is a record that brims with sensuality, emotional intelligence, spirituality and intuition, showcasing Imelda at her most authentic. Our frank chat bursting with energy reveals such a gentle and sensitive soul. I felt a connection like with a long-lost friend.

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Inspiring female entrepreneur interview: Founder of community marketplace Y’earn, Carley Read, on business inspiration and chasing happiness

Feb 04 2021

What I love the most about my job as a journalist is finding inspirational people and letting them bare their souls to me. I learn so much from them every single time. The latest I have come across on my path is the founder of community marketplace Y’earn, Carley Read. In our chat she has told me all about how she has managed to go from an initial practical idea to the creation of her green-orientated business during the pandemic. 

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