Ways to promote your music during a pandemic 

Feb 23 2021

2020 has been a weird year. With most of us working from home, our time has been spent juggling our ordinary day-to-day working lives while managing our children’s school day. Events cancelled left and right, and with the return to normality some time off yet; it can be hard to think back to a time before the pandemic. The same can be said, for those budding musicians among us. Musicians and artists alike rely heavily on public exposure to spread the word of their work far and wide. With this opportunity taken away through the cancellation of concerts and gigs, it can undoubtedly seem more challenging than ever for your efforts to pay off.  

While waiting for the publication of the London Mums magazine Spring edition dedicated to Rock ‘n’ Love and five rock star mums, I have compiled a comprehensive list below, of ways that you can promote your music during a pandemic, when unable to host any in-person, live performances.

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How Journaling has changed my life

Feb 22 2021

It is now well known that keeping a daily journal has health benefits. Journaling includes writing down our spontaneous thoughts as and when they spring to mind. It’s one of the simplest habits we can develop, but which has lots of positive effects in our lives. 

Here I have listed some of benefits of journaling that I have noticed over time. 

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Activity for parents & kids: How to build a fun family time capsule

Jan 22 2021

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do or are in need of a great family bonding activity, creating a time capsule could be a great project for both you and the kids. Kirsty Prankerd, Managing Director of keepsake company Write from the Heart, shares her tips for creating an exciting yet sentimental time capsule.

If you’ve ever created a time capsule before, you’ll be familiar with the wide range of emotions involved, from the excitement of putting it together to the anticipation of the reveal years later.

Now more than ever, as many of us are home-schooling our children due to the pandemic, we are looking for more ways to keep the kids occupied. Building a meaningful family time capsule is a creative way to evoke positivity, encourage mindfulness, and reduce anxiety around our current situation, all while teaching your children about history and the passage of time.

Below, I’ll be explaining the potential benefits of making a time capsule, as well as give you some tips for putting yours together.

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