Learning to knit on your own: Part 2

May 13 2023
knittted gilet

After my first blog on how to knit, here’s part 2 instructions and a recount of my progress.

Pulling it together

Once I had a few fistfuls of granny squares, the game was to work out how many I really needed to cover my upper body. I found a crusty imperial tape measure that kept crinkling back up, and noted my measurements.

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Do motivational posters help students?

May 12 2023
motivational posters

Have you heard of the use of motivational posters in classrooms? Inspirational quotes and mantras can do wonders for empowering us. Put up as posters; they catch our attention, remind us of their presence, and remind us of their existence.

There is growing momentum for using motivational posters in the classroom. But what about their effectiveness?

Here are a few facts about why you should use motivational posters in your classroom:

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How to knit: easy mum’s own tips

Apr 11 2023
how to knit mum's scarf

Have you ever thought of learning to knit? In my blue January piece, I mentioned starting a new craft with a family member, as my daughter had been prompting me to take her to our local craft shop.

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