Stress relieving beauty essentials

Feb 22 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year of unexpected twists and turns. As we find ourselves in a new lockdown, it’s no surprise that stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high. Google searches for anxiety in recent months have skyrocketed and a new year turn is the perfect time to address the causes of stress and find ways to help us manage it effectively.

Taking the time to treat yourself to a regular self-care ritual will help to calm your mind, body and soul. Check out the following stress relieving beauty essentials to help you take some well needed time each day to slow down, breathe and reclaim your calm.

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Fashion trends: Is gold jewellery back in style?

Jan 19 2021

Jewellery is considered to change every type of outfit or fashion. Bring on a chic assertion and add a trendy necklace over your regular outfits and make your attire complement a very unique purpose.

You will also note that certain individuals choose various kinds of jewellery, such as traditional and custom jewellery, over one another to establish exclusive looks and jewellery patterns. As such, the trends in jewellery are more unconventional and seem to evolve quicker than fashion trends.

However, one feature that never varies is the unmistakable power of jewels to enhance any outfit. Jewellery trends seem to arise and pass as quickly as the latest fashion, influenced by different times and conditions.

However, with the influence of coronavirus over the past year, will gold jewellery be in vogue this year?

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A magnetic nursing top, a revolution in maternity fashion

Dec 09 2020

I clearly remember that when I breast-fed my son 13 years ago, the single most complicated challenge was to unbutton my nursing top while holding a screaming baby. What I needed back then would have been a nursing top with buttons that would easily open. For new mums in 2020 this is a reality. Trust me when I say that the Magnet Mouse magnetic nursing top would be a great practical gift for new mamas this season. The shirt I have tried is not just fabulously flattering but also very soft at the touch and comfortable whether you are breastfeeding or not.

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