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May 18 2022

Around 20% of newborns suffer from colic and about 30% of babies are regularly constipated.

As a result new parents often see their loved ones in agony with strong belly pain and cramps due to trapped air and ‘solids’.

Wind is something that affects most babies at some time or another and usually comes from swallowing air while baby is feeding or crying. Other reasons for gas can be attributed to incorrect feeding positions, overfeeding, food allergies or food intolerance.

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5 Tips for choosing baby formula for a newborn

Dec 10 2021
mum feeding baby with baby formula while child watches puppy dog posing for mums magazine

Breastfeeding is recommended for babies during their first six months of being born. However, some mothers cannot or do not want to breastfeed. This leaves them the option of giving their newborn baby formulas. Baby formulas are designed to act as a suitable replacement for breastmilk and this contains all the essential nutrients needed by newborn babies. A newborn has a very weak immune system so baby formula products must have passed safety and quality standards set by the government. Still, some baby formula products have been associated with food poisoning and other complications which can be fatal to newborn babies. This leaves the parents with the task of carefully picking a suitable baby formula for their child. With that in mind, how do you choose the right baby formula for your baby? 

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Vital First Aid tips for parents!

Feb 15 2021
First Aid for Life

Keeping your loved one safe: Unfortunately, children are extremely likely to become injured from some form of accident at home.  

RoSPA report that around 6,000 people die from accidents at home every year. 

One of the most distressing elements is that most of these accidents could have been prevented. Learning basic first aid can help you recognise possible accident hotspots and understand how to better protect your child at home.

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