Are ‘Online Schools’ the Future? A New £6,000 per year Private Online School is Attracting Top Teachers and sees Sharp Rise in Admissions Amidst School Closures

Jan 20 2021

A raft of pupils at one of the UK’s few ‘online-only’ private schools start their first term with live-streamed lessons, assemblies and after-school clubs, as parents switch from ‘traditional schools’. 

This week marks the start of the first term at of one of the UK’s first ‘online only’ private senior schools, costing parents just £6,000 per year in fees.  Minerva’s Virtual Academy has been created to combine the benefits of a private education with 21stcentury digital home learning.  Despite being less than two weeks since schools closed across the country, the online-only school has experienced a sharp rise in new admissions and enquiries with many parents taking their children out of traditional schools in a bid to avoid further disruption to their education and to benefit from state of the art remote learning.

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Fashion trends: Is gold jewellery back in style?

Jan 19 2021

Jewellery is considered to change every type of outfit or fashion. Bring on a chic assertion and add a trendy necklace over your regular outfits and make your attire complement a very unique purpose.

You will also note that certain individuals choose various kinds of jewellery, such as traditional and custom jewellery, over one another to establish exclusive looks and jewellery patterns. As such, the trends in jewellery are more unconventional and seem to evolve quicker than fashion trends.

However, one feature that never varies is the unmistakable power of jewels to enhance any outfit. Jewellery trends seem to arise and pass as quickly as the latest fashion, influenced by different times and conditions.

However, with the influence of coronavirus over the past year, will gold jewellery be in vogue this year?

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Oral care trends for 2021

Jan 13 2021

In a recent Zoom conference about mouth health hosted by Zendium, authoritative experts including Dr Rupy Aujla (NHS GP and Sunday Times bestselling author The Doctor’s Kitchen, Eat to Beat Illness and The Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1), Dr Jenna Macciochi (Immunologist with +20 years experience and author of The Science of Staying Well), Dr Victoria Sampson (Dentist and author of numerous oral health papers both in the UK and internationally) have identified interesting oral care trends for 2021. Considering we have been in semi-total lockdown for a year, we have limited our visits to dentists to the bare minimum so mouth health has now been linked to general health and oral care will be high on the agenda of most people in 2021. The speakers also highlighted simple tips on how to take care of our teeth, which I’m sharing here.

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