In the latest London Mums issue … chasing Johnny Depp and other Hollywood stars

Jun 13 2016

Dear London Mums

I am thrilled to announce highlights from the London Mums Summer – Autumn magazine issue including my interviews with Johnny Depp, Jon Favreau and a quick meet up with comedian Kevin Hart.

The film world seems dominating our outlets more than ever this Summer simply because we love films, being entertained and having fun.

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London Mums May 2016 Newsletter including Half term activities in London

May 06 2016

Dear London Mums,

I love Spring! Enjoy this newsletter including half term activities in London.

I hope with my newsletters, reviews and interviews I manage to convey my joy for life and my carpe diem (seize the day) approach to life. I would like to spare a word of gratitude to our 60+ active contributors and guest bloggers who are also populating our pages both online and in print sharing interesting ideas and opinions. If you want to become part of the team, please email me and we will welcome to our growing London Mums family.

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London Mums Spring 2016 newsletter including Easter holiday activities in London

Mar 11 2016

Hello London Mums

Spring is in the air and our Spring magazine is now available online and in supermarkets from next week. School breaks again in a few weeks and preparations for Easter are on their way – at least judging from the amount of Easter eggs on shop windows – I am not ready for that yet. In this newsletter your will find London Mums’ recommendations for Easter Holiday activities as well as ideas for entertainment over the holidays.

My special gift to you all is our latest Spring issue of the London Mums Magazine – it’s utterly free and a true labour of love – where you can read exclusive interviews with Amanda Holden, Kimberly Wyatt, star chef Gennaro Contaldo and Ben Fogle.

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