Welcome to London Mums’ Winter 2023-2024 magazine full of exclusive discounts

Nov 16 2023
Esther Abrami cover of London Mums magazine WINTER ISSUE 40

Hello London Mums …

As winter’s frost blankets our beloved city, I’m thrilled to unveil the latest London Mums’ winter / Christmas 2023-2024 magazine. Inside, we’ve cooked up a delicious stew of fascinating stories that’ll tickle your fancy and warm your heart as well as and exclusive discounts and readers’ offers.

Our cover star, Esther Abrami, isn’t your grandma’s classical musician. She’s rewriting the score, making classical music cool for the next generation. Her reimagined film soundtracks serve as a gateway to this timeless genre, captivating young enthusiasts. Esther’s journey, from music school prodigy to ‘Social Media Superstar’ and ‘Rising Star,’ rivals a Beethoven crescendo.

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London Mums Spring 2023 Newsletter

Mar 16 2023
London Mums magazine Spring 2023 edition cover

Hello London Mums

I hope you enjoy our Spring 2023 bumper newsletter. This edition sees a fresh new look for the London Mums‘ brand. It is dedicated to all people who have inspired me with their refreshingly authentic stories, passion and actions. This issue focuses on Georgette Polizzi, Karen Hauer, Marta Savina, Claudia Gusmano, and Paolo Pierobon.

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London Mums magazine Back-to-school edition and special discount codes

Jul 15 2022

Dear London Mums 

The latest print magazine is really special. It’s the people I meet and interview every day who make this publication so unique. 

Media invite them to share the secrets of their happy marriage. Filmmakers cast them in their flicks all the time. Instagram can’t get enough of them… Meet this issue’s cover stars. Hollywood husband and wife duo has been bringing hilarious, relatable content to audiences for years. Recently The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window star, Kristen Bell, and the Armchair Expert podcast host, Dax Shepard, came to London to launch their family brand Hello Bello and to share their secrets to happy parenting with me. Do yourself a favour and get to know them on p6.

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