Show review: Horrible Histories Live

Aug 07 2022

On Saturday 6th of August a family from London Mums Magazine was invited to the Garrick Theatre to watch Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors.

Horrible Histories Live offers a wide range of educational and entertaining events for children to enjoy and the current production is certain to be enjoyed by its younger members. The Tudor period is a particularly unpleasant era of history and its darker episodes are presented in a style which reaches for panto but, at times, doesn’t make it much beyond holiday camp entertainment standard. The two actors performing never lose their energy, though, and their talents in engaging the audience bring an energy to the performance which is certain to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

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New attraction review: Gripped at Hobbledown

Aug 06 2022

On Saturday 30th of July London Mums Magazine was invited to Hobbledown and this is how our day went:

New aerial adventure park Gripped that has just opened off the Stains Road in Hounslow is a unique gem. No garish, scary rides but lots of complex, adventure play for all age groups. There are also two big features for adults and teenagers. A net park and zip/high wire/rope trail.

The adventure play areas are beautifully constructed with natural materials. There are ‘puzzle’ tunnels which have to be found in order to access some of the slides. The children loved the challenge. The high net park has 45 minute slots. They use up huge amounts of energy and the children of all ages came down exhausted!

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The Jungle Book review at Kew Gardens

Aug 02 2022

London Mums magazine reporters were invited to Kew Gardens on Saturday 23rd of July 2022 to watch an outdoor theatre production of Sixteen Feet’s The Jungle Book for families.

This warm and engaging production which follows Mowgli’s adventures following her separation from her family is a delight for younger audiences particularly and the peaceful setting of Kew Gardens is an inspired setting in which it’s easy to imagine that you’re sitting in the jungle itself.

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