Zoe and Beans: Pants on the Moon!

Zoe is hanging her pants out to dry one day, when . . . whoosh! A big gust of wind blows her and Beans up, up, up into space – along with the washing line full of pants! When they finally land on the moon, there’s a lot of exciting exploring to do. But how on earth are they going to get home again?

My 6 year old Diego and I are so in love with Zoe and Beans’ stories that we feel the books are almost too short …. The fourth title in this popular picture book series is really funny as usual.

Zoe and Beans stories are the visualisation of every child’s dreams of fantastic adventures.

Pants on the Moon! is always beautifully illustrated and we often copy these drawings at our London Mums’ art club.

Children and adults alike can relate to the stories of the little creative girl and her patient dog who follows her everywhere. A pleasure to read and read again and again.

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