When To Upgrade Your Windows

Windows are an essential, when it comes to your house. Windows mostly have a great lifespan, but they do, over time, get worn off and you need to replace them. Sometimes, replacement can be due to bad installation of the windows or poor care and maintenance. You need to look out for the following signs that could possibly indicate the time to change your windows. You have to properly care for your windows to make them last longer. Here are some signs you certainly cannot overlook, if your old windows need replacement.

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  1. The Wood Is Getting Wet

This is a major problem. If you are experiencing condensation on your wooden framework, then it means that the wood is getting weak. There could also be a possibility that fungus is accumulating inside the wood, which will weaken the wooden framework even more. Condensation on windows is very common in highly humid areas. Once the window starts condensing, the insulation properties of the window are also sacrificed. Mould and fungus is formed quickly, and it ruins the wood and the overall look of the window as well. The indication of condensation is formation of tiny water droplets on the wood and the wood starting to decay and turn different in colour.

  1. Cracked Windows

If your windows are cracked and the symmetry is out of place, then it means that your windows were installed unprofessionally in the first place. You must make sure that you are getting your windows installed by a professional and with care, so that the frame work doesn’t get cracked or crooked. This will affect the performance of your window and you will have a hard time opening and closing the window, because the symmetry is disturbed. So, next time you see any cracks in your windows, it’s time to get them changed.

  1. No Insulation

If you have installed insulated glass in your windows, but the insulation is not up to the mark and you find yourself using the AC in the summer and the heater in the winter a lot, despite having insulated windows, it means that your insulated glass windows are in dire need of replacement. The best way to find whether your insulated windows are in need of replacement or not, is to take a look at your energy consumption bills. If you are turning on the AC or the heater because it’s too hot or too cold, then it means your insulated windows are not in perfect condition anymore.

  1. Loud Noises and Creaks

If you are hearing random creaks and noises when your window slightly displaces or moves, then it’s probably time to change them. Noises and creaks are very disturbing, and they can affect the metal assembly in your window hinges. If neglected, the hinges can grow weak and ultimately fall apart. So, make sure you are looking out for those annoying creaky noises, and once they become persistent and regular, it’s time to change the windows all together.

When you are looking for windows for your home do consider double glaze units or triple glazed window or bay window instead of the regular square ones.

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