What to do if your dog is a fussy eater

Some pets happen to be particular with their food. If your dog is a fussy eater, it can be worrying because you want to ensure your beloved pet is consuming enough nutrients and calories to be healthy and happy. Below is a list of tips to positively encourage your dog to eat the recommended amount of food.

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Buy Natural Food

It’s a misconception that dogs will eat almost anything in sight, but some dogs are disinterested in food that is heavily processed. Many companies use ingredients such as corn and potatoes to make the packets bigger and increase their profits. This might this be why your dog doesn’t want to eat it. Try serving your dog Encore pet food. This is a trusted brand that only uses high-quality ingredients.

Minimise Snacks

If you do want to give your dog a snack occasionally, make sure it is healthy pet food so that they don’t get a liking for junk products or your food. This also discourages them to steal from your plate and makes it more likely that they will be hungry enough for a full, nutritious meal.

Praise, Praise, Praise!

In a similar way to children, we need to encourage our little companions by praising good behaviour. If your fussy pet takes an interest in eating, praise them by petting them, playing together, or simply giving them their favourite toy. This frequent, positive reinforcement takes dedication but will be worthwhile.

Create a Comfortable Environment

When we are scared or stressed, it can make eating seem like an ordeal that we can’t quite stomach. Dogs can be the same – if your pet isn’t eating much, evaluate where they eat and investigate any stress triggers.  A quiet room is preferable, and some pets may need their own space away from other animals before they feel comfortable eating. Additionally, if you have recently moved house, this could be the reason for your pet’s reduced appetite as some animals need familiar surroundings to feel safe. If you think your pet is stressed, there are simple ways to lower their anxiety.

Combine Wet and Dry Food

If your pet refuses to eat wet, dry, or new food, it might be because they are not used to the new texture. Some dogs need a slow introduction to these unfamiliar textures. It is possible to solve this by mixing different types together. You can also try this with new foods by adding it to their favourite meal.  Additionally, you can mix in products that promote digestion if you think your dog may need them. Always check with a vet before using a product.


We hope that the tips and tricks mentioned above are helpful. However, if you’ve tested them and your dog’s eating habits are yet to improve, it’s good to be on the safe side and get them checked out at the vet. This is because specific ailments, such as digestive problems or other underlying health issues can reduce your canine’s appetite. Many other pet owners experience this issue, but if you remain attentive and patient, your furry friend will become a foodie in no time!

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