Visitors welcome: 9 Things to put in your guest room

If you have a guest room, you will probably want to put some nice things in there. If you have company staying with you frequently, this becomes even more vital. It’s even more important if you run an AirBnB in your house. You want your guests to have the most pleasant experience possible. In this blog, London Mums talk about some essentials you might want to put in your guest room. bedroom Redefining luxury How sustainability is the new opulence


A comfortable bed

Quality Murphy beds do not cost very much, and they’re convenient because of the way you can fold them into the wall. Consider getting one for your guest room. Your guests can fold the bed out of the way when they’re done using it each night.



Maybe your guests want to stay up after the rest of the house has gone to bed. If they’re night owls, installing a small TV in the guest room makes sense. They can watch some shows or a movie before bedtime.


The Wi-Fi Password

You will want to put a card with the Wi-Fi password in the guest room. Most people like to have access to Wi-Fi, and they won’t need to use any phone data if they connect their smartphone to it.


A Laptop or Desktop

You may want to consider having a laptop, desktop, or tablet in your guest room. Maybe you have guests who are taking a break from work while they’re visiting you. They may still want to check their email or keep up with what’s happening in the office while they are away.



It’s probably best to put a box of tissues in the guest room. You never know if you will have a guest who has some allergies or perhaps they’re just getting over a cold. Having some tissues handy will be a welcome addition.


Some Reading Material

You might think about installing a bookshelf with some books in your guest room. Your guests might not have anything to read, and they will appreciate this touch. You can also leave out a stack of magazines if your guests want something more frivolous to distract them.


Some Extra Blankets

It can always get cold at night when you have guests over during the fall or winter months. In some parts of the country, even early spring can be quite chilly. You can counteract this by having a stack of blankets somewhere in your guest room. Your guests can get out a couple of them during the night if they feel the need. 


A Bedside Table

You will likely want to add a bedside table to your guest room setup. This is where you can have a reading lamp, a box of tissues, and the card with the Wi-Fi password.


A Dresser

You can consider putting in a dresser if there is space for it in your guest room. You might put a few sweaters in there for a guest who gets cold, or you can leave the drawers empty for your visitors to use.


With all this in place, your spare room is ready for arrivals at all times.

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