Visit Santa, See the Northern Lights and Stay in an Igloo – All in One!

Everyone knows Finnish Lapland is the home of Santa Claus and Christmas. This year, the latest addition to Yuletide destinations is Santa’s Resort Kakslauttanen near Saariselkä.

At Santa’s Resort, that magical Christmas experience is guaranteed as Santa greets everyone in person at his house, while his elves run around and serve hot drinks and ginger biscuits. Outside, Santa’s reindeer pen offers a chance for witnessing the fabled animals and even hopping on a sleigh pulled by Rudolf himself!

Santa’s Resort also boasts Gold Creek, a place where Santa’s Gold Elves live and spend their time digging gold and making Christmas presents. Gold Creek is accessed via a 10-metre-high bridge, overseen by the Bridgekeeper Elf from his 10-metre-high tower.

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Catch the Northern Lights:

The 20 glass igloos in Igloo Village Kakslauttanen provide an unhampered view of the starry Arctic sky and a unique opportunity for catching the Northern Lights in comfortable room temperature. In case sleep gets the best of you, a bell will wake you up whenever the Aurorae appear. Alternatively, choose an Aurora hunt on the Kakslauttanen Panorama Bus, or spot them the traditional way: take a walk in the beautiful natural surroundings and keep looking up!


Hotel Kakslauttanen offers 40 first-class log cabins, all equipped with a double bed, shower, toilet, fireplace, kitchenette and private sauna.

In Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, snow and glass igloos are available for accommodation. Igloo Village opens in December and stays open until the end of April.

Other attractions:

See the amazing Ice Gallery, bathe in the world’s largest smoke sauna, take husky, reindeer and snowmobile rides, get married in (or just pay a visit to) the Snow Chapel, have a drink in the Glass Kota (traditional Lappish tepee with a modern twist), dine in the Ice Restaurant and get something from the souvenir shop!

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