A family fun trip to Zippos Circus

Zippos circus is back. Children need to be entertained so off we all went last week – three mums and 5 children – to a large car park on the outskirts of Brent Cross Shopping Centre for a good old fashioned trip to the circus.

These days we are spoilt for choice with children entertainment, but often prices are high for what you get.So it was a nice surprise to see the very affordable price of tickets ranging from £8-15 for adults and £6-12 for children.
It makes a very affordable afternoon out.

Norman Barrett OBE was the perfect host and compered the afternoon with great style and grandeur. He urged the audience to participate, react, and respond as much as possible.

The highly skilled jugglers, trapeze artists, magicians from Africa, Brazil, France, Japan, the Ukraine and the UK managed to entertain the kids for a good 2 hours. When we asked the kids (ranging from 4 to 9 years of age) what they liked best they all agreed that it was the Brazilian Lucius Troupe motorcycle Globe of death (and the pop corn in the interval).

Not one, but three motorbikes spinning around a globe without killing themselves. No wonder no insurance company wants to insure that act. Just to make it a little more exciting, a lady stands in the middle of the globe while the motorbikes spin round. It has to be seen to be believed.

So, whilst sitting in the rush hour traffic on the North Circular what was deemed the highlight of the show? Definitely the Globe of Death followed closely second by the acrobats, especially their limbo dancing, pyramid building and fire eating.

For my 4 year old, the ponies, budgies and the butterfly light stick that I bought her in the interval. It’s nice to be so easily pleased.

THE AUThor; Rita Kobrak www.mum-and-baby-experience.co.uk – Yoga and cooking holidays for mums and little ones.

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