Toxic Black Mould damp house – the story of a mum and a daughter in need

It is 1.30 am in the morning and I cannot sleep because my chest is so tight. Puff, puff, puff on the Ventolin inhaler and it does not seem to make my breathing any easier. My concern is, if I am feeling this ill then what damage is the Toxic Black Mould doing to my little girl who also suffers from Asthma.

She has had a consistent Asthma cough for far too long and never ending colds. We are both on inhalers all the time. Funny thing is when I lived in my Wimbledon flat I was able to come off my inhalers. The only time I used them was when I had the pet allergy that made me sneeze and wheeze. Now I live in a damp house and go to work in the damp kitchen.

They have put in special fans to circulate the air but there is black mould there too and I am always losing my voice.

I just hope the asbestos on the school canteen roof is not also damaging my lungs as the roof leaks and I read that air born it is a real danger. Many schools have already had asbestos removal because of this, but not ours.

I personally feel that if good, kind women that have given birth and care about children and human beings were in Government we would not be in the mess we are in today. For one they would not allow adult sites to rule the Internet and destroy my business and other women’s businesses. They would force the Internet providers and search engines to make adults sites paid for subscription only service so us women have a say to what comes into our family home.

And I personally do not want this trash anywhere near me or my child or my business.

I also don’t want to see adult sites on my Television or chat sites that destroy family values. When the Police tell you there is nothing you can do about it when adult sites use your Trademark name to over take you in Google which blocks all your work, and the News of the World tells you so what “not interested,” that is when you know men should not be running our world! But I have to say that thankfully Google have morals and did stop them, but sadly it was too late as my chances of working with a famous man from Children’s TV had been destroyed as I could not afford to protect myself from the Cyber Bullies on my website.

They had crashed and burned all my work. The video footage of the Butterfly Princess dancing in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall at the Enchanted Manor is gone forever. As I am the founder of Butterfly Lullaby and own the Trademark I was outraged when Swing out Sister and Anderson Press where over taking me in the search engines with Butterfly Lullaby. Thankfully Anderson Press changed the name of their Butterfly Lullaby book, but Swing Out Sister to this day have not apologized for all the problems I have had because their Butterfly Lullaby song got used by adult sites which came up right next to my beautiful children’s images.

Butterfly Lullaby has been a nightmare from day one. And it breaks my heart to see Waterstones and other book companies advertising my fairy book for over £50+ while my family suffer. No money comes to us or goes to Cystic Fibrosis for the hope for a cure for Jodie my cousins little girl. Even Borders owe me for 30 books. They took 40 books, sold 27 in one month and only paid me for 10. But I still gave £27 to Cystic Fibrosis even though they had not paid me the full amount.

When my little girl nearly died at birth it changed me as a person, I knew then just how important life was and how my cousin must suffer with Jodies illness.

I feel so blessed that my little girls Cystic Fibrosis test came back clear and that is why I will fight on for justice and put a stop to greedy selfish people who make money out people that go through bad times. That is why I give £1 per book to the charity to give her hope. I even created a story called Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy where all the money my end went to the charity.

Of course I was made to pay to list this because most men do not understand what charity is. Sadly the bullies have made it impossible for me to do anything with it. I have had to take all our songs and stories off the Internet. Even when it came to registering my website men thought they could get the better of me and put the website in their name.

This is how they make their money as they force you to buy it back. But lucky for me I had the help of the Council IT people to fight back and force them to put the website in my name. Then there was the web hosting bully with his adult sites, which I knew nothing about until it was too late. He put me through hell with not being able to access my website and shop. I even had to call out an IT person to try and move me as I was locked in. He confirmed that even he could not move my website to a different hosting site.

It was not until the Police were called when my website got hacked that I managed to set free from this man. And this is only part of the story.

But thanks to London Mums and Monica I feel that life is finally going to get better.

With a little bit of Mum’s support I believe we can change the way the world is currently run. Men sadly can be quite selfish at times and unable to put family values first. Don’t get me wrong there are some good men around and even though I do not like the Conservatives I admire David Cameron’s family values when it comes to protecting his daughter from the bad things that are going on in the music industry and on the Internet.

Children need protection. And so do Mum’s! I have asked Monica to add the video I created of my little girl talking about the damp house. She wears a mask because of nasty, evil people that have called her awful names. I myself have even had two death threats. But they cannot fool me, I know this is all an aim to get my Butterfly Lullaby website domain name because I am at the top of Google and that is where they want to be! Sorry guys you picked on the wrong Mum!

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