Top 5 games for mums on the move

Being a mum is one of the most stressful, yet rewarding and enjoyable feelings that any woman can experience in their lifetime. Making the decision to have a child should be based upon a sound financial footing and commitment from both sides to ensure a couple raise a son or daughter in the right manner and provide the best quality of care and wellbeing possible. Although modern day society has seen an increase in stay-at-home fathers who take responsibility for the duties a typical housewife covers on a daily basis, mothers are usually left to look after their child while their partner heads out to the workplace. Their efforts are rewarded as a child is raised in a warm, welcoming home, and seeing them smile, laugh and come towards you for a hug is worth its weight in gold.

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Raising a child has many benefits, but it can also come with a few teething problems. Sleepless nights, teething and crying can leave mothers feeling tired, restless and needing a break. Being able to kick back and relax is valued as a godsend, with mothers hoping to find time to play their favourite games on their computer or mobile. The latter has grown in popularity due to the ever-increasing number of gaming apps and ability to play whilst on the go, which can be useful when pushing a sleeping child around a supermarket, shop or any public area. Playing games are an effective way of becoming more relaxed and less stressed, and can also be utilised to keep the mind stimulated and energised. It is, however, important to find a balance between work and play to ensure your child receives your undue attention so they feel valued.

Moshi Monsters

Developed by Mind Candy, Moshi Monsters is a prime example of an online browser game which appeals to both children and adults. The game is based upon adopting a cute pet monster and taking it on wonderful adventures which include puzzles and games. The user-friendly qualities of the app allow mothers to play along with their child to keep their mind stimulated and encourage them to learn numbers and letters. Each screen is decorated through vibrant colours which instantly appeal to children, as your monster levels up and grow a flower garden in order to attract ultra-rare Moshlings.

Penguin Online Gaming

Using Flash software, Penguin Online provides a world of relaxing, child-friendly games that are easy to play and provides hours of enjoyment. Each game involves penguins which are naturally adored by adults and children, with enough choices for mothers to play on their own during a rare break. Numerous games include Pingu Throw, Orca Slap and Legendary Penguin which may not be suitable for children due to an element of violence they involve. More child-friendly options come in the form of games such as Penguin Diner which allows children to control their penguin across the screen to serve customers. Each game is created to provide quick, fast-paced fun that can help mothers to relax and laugh. Flying Penguin and Air Penguin are also available on app markets to further the enjoyment whilst out in public areas.

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Mothers who are constantly busy and on the move may prefer to utilise a potential source of income during rest periods. Although gambling comes with an element of risk, playing a few games of slots or roulette at can not only be relaxing and enjoyable, but also provide additional funds. In the current economic climate, any form of additional income can be important towards making personal purchases or put towards buying clothes and toys for a child.

Brain Training

Keeping the mind stimulated is fundamentally important for any mother. Although sleepless nights can prove a challenge to the body clock, remaining awake and actively charged can help mothers to stay focused and keep their attention whilst looking after their child. Brain Training games are not only designed to test your IQ and general cognitive skills, but also proven to stimulate the mind and achieve optimum fitness. Brain fitness workouts can improve a mother’s ability to process information in their mind quicker and more efficiently – a vital skill during motherhood. Every game is also designed with fun and enjoyment in mind to ensure users are tested and receive numerous mind and health benefits.

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Candy Crush Saga

As the most popular and highest grossing game app in 2013, Candy Crush continues to grow in prominence and popularity as the ideal game for mothers looking for something to enjoy during a break. Creating rows and columns of three or more pieces of candy seems relatively easy enough, but the game becomes instantly addictive as you play through the levels as they increase in difficulty and make extra effort to combine special sweets to crush more candy pieces.

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