Top 10 Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

Cleaning is not most mum’s favourite item on the todo list. However long we put it off it has to be done and we hope our top 10 cleaning tips provided by London Domestic Cleaners A Maid in Heaven to help you get your home looking and smelling clean and fresh in no time.


1. Have a regular schedule; cleaning is easier if done often and regularly.  You are less likely to worry about the dust if you know when it will be taken care of!  
Most surfaces will last longer and look better if cleaned and cared for.

2. Clean from the top down. Then you are cleaning up dirt and dust that falls along the way.

3. Buy good quality tools and service them regularly

4. Organise and simplify your tools and products.  Take everything you need with you to each room; including a plastic rubbish bag. (More is not necessarily

5. Tidy first!  Don’t pay for a cleaner (or waste your own time) to relocate your clutter!  Make best use of a professional cleaner by tidying up before they arrive.

6. Use both hands!  Spray the surface with one hand ; polish with the other. Two hands are twice as fast.

7. Use your time wisely.  Don’t circle a room more than once.  Clean everything in your path before you move on.

8. Know your products and tricks of the trade, eg:- Hairspray will kill flies, it will also remove magic marker pen from most surfaces

9?. Keep your home smelling fresh;

– A bowl of vinegar will help absorb smoke odours

– A dab of fragrance on your light bulbs is an excellent air freshener.

10. Keep appliances clean and odour free ; A few drops of vanilla on a small piece of cotton, placed in the fridge will eliminate any odours.

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