Tips on finding the best interior design deals

DIY gurus and Grand Designs TV programmes make me so jealous… I am a bit of a disaster in that field. I have done some research and found useful tips on how to find the best interior design deals for a home makeover. We all know how there are more interior design blogs than ever before that help us keep up to date with all of the latest home decor trends. But whilst these interior design guides can be informative and entertaining, they can also sometimes feature styles that are somewhat expensive. 


So we are going to take a look at how you can hunt down some great interior design deals. This will help you revamp your home in a stylish manner without necessarily spending too much.


The end of the high street?

There have been many news stories published recently that suggest that the days of the traditional high street could be over. With spiralling rents and online competition, it’s clear that many established furniture brands are having a tough time in competing with large out-of-town retailers.

Despite this, there is a growing number of independent outlets in many of the UK’s towns and cities who are realising that big doesn’t necessarily mean better. By offering their customers more of a bespoke service and using online shopping technologies, these smaller interior design outlets have managed to reward their customers with a service that’s unique and also surprisingly good value.


Should you go online for your home decor?

It’s always tough to shop for large pieces of furniture online with very little idea of how these items will fit into your home design scheme. But we’ve seen many innovative furniture retailers releasing apps that allow you to scan the rooms in your home so that you can quickly see how well-suited a piece of furniture will be in your house.

In addition to this, it’s clear that many online retailers offer a much larger choice of products than traditional high street shops which allow you to easily pick and choose a style that’s perfectly suited to your home. And whether you are looking to upgrade the look of the bunk bed in your child’s bedroom or are wanting to revamp the decor of your own bedroom, it’s evident that there’s more choice than ever in the online domain.


Getting crafty with your interior design

Even if you can’t afford to splash out on a large piece of furniture like a bed just yet, there’s been a real craft renaissance in recent years that offers you a cost-effective way to give your interiors a quick facelift.

The shabby chic revolution has seen many people using their hidden craft skills to do anything from applying that casually distressed look to a bedside table to even knitting a lovely new quilt for a child’s bed. Not only is the cheaper than buying from a traditional shop, but it is certainly a lot more enjoyable than just using your credit card. And whilst it would take some serious DIY knowhow to make some larger pieces of furniture, it just goes to show what you can achieve with a little bit of imagination.

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