New research shows that toddlers/children are helping more at home than the last generation, the chores they spend most time doing and that it is a regular weekly, if not, daily occurence.

Matching socks, washing up, sweeping and hoovering may not be your idea of fun but could be for your toddler, as research shows that your little ones are more than keen to help out at home and around the house.

This new research, exploring the helping habits of children at home, accompanies the arrival of new children’s TV series, Olly The Little White Van on mini CiTV. Olly, is heralded as the most helpful character on children’s TV and the show introduces the concept that the young children of today are ‘Britain’s Little Helpers’.

The investigative research, which surveyed 2,000 parents of children aged between 2 and 8 in June 2011 by OnePoll on behalf of Olly the Little White Van, was led by child psychologist Dr. Richard C Woolfson.

The research shows that:

· Two thirds of children help out with chores at home (66%)

· The most popular chore for children is tidying away their toys (77%) followed by making their bed (34%) and clearing the table (32%). 15% of toddlers even enjoy helping wash the car (see Most Popular Children’s Chores on separate fact sheet)

· 63% of children help daily, more than twice a week or at least once a week

· Most parents encourage kids to start helping from the ages of 2 and 3 (45%)

· 61% of parents believe that children should take on more chores

· Working parents are marginally more likely to expect their children to help with chores than stay at home parents

“The research is extremely positive because it shows that children, even as young as two or three, are both able and willing to help and care for others, and that parents actively encourage them to do so.” comments Dr. Woolfson, who has been leading the study.

“The results suggest that parents want their child to be Little Helpers mainly because they realise that helping others develops a child’s independence, sense of personal responsibility to others, and pride in their achievements. Parents value helping others, not because, they personally benefit from someone helping with the household chores, but because they think their child gains a psychological benefit from this.”

Dr. Woolfson concludes; “Earlier generations’ perspective on helping was limited in comparison to children today. Many of today’s children don’t have specific domestic responsibilities but they have a much broader view of helping others – children behave in a more caring manner than ever before.”

London Kids’ stats:

66% of parents in London expect their child to help with simple chores rating as one of the highest cities of ‘little helpers’

The most popular job at home in London for children is helping Mum and Dad bake (30%) tidying away their toys (25%) and washing the car (15%). 15% of toddlers even enjoy helping out with the gardening

I look forward to hearing if you need any more information (lots more stats) / will be able to include some information in a forthcoming issue.

FREE Parent Activities and Helping Guide

Like most white vans, Olly is always busy running errands and helping out and each episode shows him on his various tasks and adventures. Through the narrative, the show reinforces a variety of positive parenting messages and demonstrates to children the importance of helping out where they can.

Olly is an adorable, big-hearted and cheeky individual living in the magical town of Bumpton. This thrilling place is a fantastical Utopia for children with vivid landscapes around every corner; from the seaside, to the snowy mountains, the countryside and city. He is joined by his group of friends including a welsh fire engine, a racy pink sports car and his loyal friend and driver Stan. With a voice over supplied by well known children’s TV presenter, Justin Fletcher, MBE, aka Mr Tumble, mums and dads alike will no doubt develop a fondness for the show when they see the positive effects that each of Olly’s ‘life-lessons’ has on their children!

The series itself is all about empowering children and we have created some fun, engaging online resources to provide parents with activities and useful tips to help them get the most out of their little helpers. Catch some fantastic sneak previews of Olly and his friends, enjoy some helping tasks together and access the online resources by logging onto

Olly The Little White Van launched on June 26th 2011 at 06:45 and every week following. From September it will be shown each weekday both at 09:45am and 12:45pm.

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