The 6 biggest vaping trends of 2021: A year in review

Vaping as an industry has undergone many different evolutions. It is an incredibly popular hobby that has allowed for huge advancements. As technology progresses, there are many aspects and creations that have been embraced by the vaping industry. As a result, in 2021, there is a vast number of different types of vapes and accessories for consumers to choose from. And, as such, this year has seen a number of different vaping trends, from fashion statements to sustainability. Read on for the breakdown of the biggest vaping trend this year.

Longer-Lasting Coils

One of the main complaints with vaping is the price; most vapers spend their money on consumables. However, the price of the vape itself is often shadowed by the price of all the different liquids and coils that users have to buy simply to keep their vape up and running. E-liquids have seen a gradual decrease in price over the years, mainly to keep their pricing competitive as there is so much choice out there, but coils have not. In fact, coils have seen an increase in price mostly because they are difficult to manufacture due to their complexities. This is made even worse by the fact that coils do not tend to last that long, and users tend to have to rebuy them often.

This year especially has seen a massive surge in the demand for longer-lasting coils. Many vapers are on the hunt for better coils, and they are willing to switch their loyalties to get it. As such, there is a number of manufacturers who are trying everything from alternative wick materials to new metal alloys in an effort to ensure that their coils do not burn out as quickly. Some companies are even looking at creating additional devices which clean and dry vape coils to improve their longevity that way. This would mean that coils could be reused over and over again instead of having to buy new ones, which is a win for those interested in sustainability.

Innovative Materials

This year has seen an increase in those who want to use their vapes as a fashion statement, perhaps in part due to the number of celebrities who are often papped using theirs. Previously, vapes commonly came in two forms, you could either buy a plastic vape or a metal one, and that was it. However, manufacturers are producing many different options that were previously not available. 

They can be a little more pricey than their simpler counterparts. But if you are willing to spend a little extra, you can choose from a vast array of materials that were not a part of the manufacturing process until recently. These materials include things like brass, abalone, carbon fibre, resin and leather, to name but a few. These devices are not only more fashion-forward, but they are also still as functional as any other vape as they all have to pass rigorous testing before entering the market. The best place to find these vapes is online from specific retailers. If you are looking to buy vapes online, then consider looking up Aqua Vape they have a huge range of vaping products from the vapes themselves to e-liquids and accessories. They have all your vaping needs covered.

Smaller, Sleeker Devices

This is perhaps one of the biggest vape trends of the year, and again it owes its popularity to aesthetics. Vape devices are smaller than ever; in the past, huge box mods were incredibly popular, but in the last few years, the tide has turned. Nowadays, vapers want a device that can easily fit into a pocket or a bag; they want small, sleek devices that are more visually appealing than their clunky counterparts.

Today’s vaping devices are most commonly comprised of propriety systems that store their e-liquids in removable pods. This means that these devices do not rely on any other tanks or third-party attachments, meaning that manufacturers can design them in a more holistic way. For example, the tanks often look a little out of place with box mods as they do not often match the mod. However, in a pod system, the cartridge fits into the device and looks as though it belongs there.


Vape wraps were incredibly popular a few years ago. A vape wrap is essentially a vinyl sticker that is made to measure, and it wraps around the entirety of the device. They were popular because they offered an opportunity to customise your vape, and the design choice was endless. However, this year has seen a decrease in vape wraps and instead has welcomed the faceplate.

Faceplates are for those who want to be able to modify the appearance of their vapes continually. Manufacturers are releasing new devices with mix-and-match faceplates. They attach via a magnet which allows them to be swapped out easily so that you can match your outfit or your mood.

Nicotine Salts

To be entirely truthful, nicotine salts first began to gain popularity last year. However, their popularity has carried over and even increased this year too. The first iterations of nicotine salts were made in 2017, and they were most commonly found in e-cigarettes, starter kits, and pod devices. Essentially, nicotine salts are made up of a combination of the natural salts found in tobacco and benzoic acid. This then allows for a better tasting product with a higher nicotine concentration.

This year, vapers have begun to turn away from freebase nicotine, which is often added manually to an e-liquid, in favour of e-liquids that already contain nicotine salt. This is possible because as the nicotine salts gained popularity, the flavour range expanded massively, meaning that there was more choice, and they also produce an extremely gratifying vaping experience.

Disposable Devices

In Britain especially, these devices have proven to be immensely popular this year. They have proven to be particularly popular with those who want to begin to make the transition from smoking to vaping this is because they offer an experience that most closely resembles that of combustible tobacco products. That being said, they are also quite cheap and convenient too. Convenience is the driving force behind innovation. Almost every consumer will pick the option that is more convenient.

They are particularly good for those who want to take up vaping as a hobby. This is because they do not require any sort of long-term commitment, they are cheap, and you don’t need to take any special care of them or maintain them in any way; when you’re done, they simply go in the bin. You can also find these vapes in most shops, unlike many specialist vape products that have to be purchased from a specific retailer or an online store.

To Conclude

The vaping industry saw huge growth in the last couple of years, perhaps because more people were looking for hobbies to take up and vices to indulge. Vaping is likely only going to get more popular in the years to come, which will lead to more innovations. Of these trends specifically, it is hard to say as some of them may make way for other trends, and some may be used as the basis for new developments.

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