A mum’s runt: Shame on British Banks – make them give back to our children!

I am glad the Government are stamping down on the Banks for paying themselves huge bonuses. Banks are greedy, selfish people with no family values or morals when it comes to our poor children. I want the Bank of Scotland to take a good hard look at my little girl’s house full of damp and toxic black mould which affects her and my Asthma. And tell them that they have the money and power to change children’s lives but they are all too damn selfish and greedy to even try!

They don’t even off to help any of our schools. Our school canteen looks like it was bombed because it is such a run down disgrace! The shame of it all is that when I begged Lloyds Bank not to lend my partner money or give him credit because he is bad with money, they ignored me. All they saw was another victim that could not handle their finances so they could make a huge profit out of them and to hell with what damage this did to the family.

I was so angry because I have no control over what he does. He is his own person. That is why I have to be independent the way I used to be so I can get out of this black hole for my little girls sake. Being pregnant should be the happiest months of your life. For me I cried my eyes out in Court, because my partner had managed to get himself in so much debt with parking tickets and nearly lost his driving licence.

Can you imagine over a £1,000 worth of tickets on top of still paying for a car that got repossessed because he did not meet the payments (which he wanted me to put in my name!) He is not a bad person, just very irresponsible and very bad with money.

To give him credit he did earn £32,000 a year for the first two years when he worked for a Gas and Electric company. That is why I re-mortgaged to publish my fairy book. But then the Gas and Electric companies got greedy and made it very difficult to earn a decent living knocking doors, at the time I did not know this so it caused many arguments.

Some weeks he would be paying £100 in petrol expenses. £12,000 was his salary last year. And that is without all the petrol expenses. These big companies make me sick. They pay the top people salaries so they can live like Kings while the people underneath cannot even pay their bills or support their families. I now owe £7,000 from my partner changing jobs to try and earn the salary he used to earn.

My partner and I have been together for eleven years. I have to admit it has been one rocky road. The only thing we have in common is that we both adore our daughter.

He is one creative and talented person who is wasted. When he creates a song from scratch and I see my little girl singing with him and them both making up their own words it brings a warm glow to my heart. That was the dream I had when I got pregnant. A father that loves his daughter and is there for her. It is a video of my little girl and her Daddy singing the song we made up for a school competition on don’t drink and drive. I feel so proud of both of them with their musical talent.

Family is everything to a child and coming from a broken home and knowing just how it affected my life, I do all I can to keep us together so she can grow up with confidence and meet someone that truly loves her for her, because she is worth it! This morning I was talking to one of the Welsh Mum’s at the school and we both had a good moan about how there is just not enough support for us Mum’s because men run our Country. Jobs are not flexible so we can fit work around our children.

I told her that there is hope because I have just joined London Mums and I really want to set up a support group in Wales with their support.

Mums can change the world. And I look forward to a happier and brighter future for my little girl so she never has to go through the stress and pain that I have.

But hey I am still standing and still fighting because I am surrounded by good friends. If only men were more like our friends, then we would have no recession or wars. I will leave you with that blissful thought!

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