A fun new magazine aimed at children aged 5 to 15 has just launched with the support of a host of celebrities. Covering marine life, conservation, nature and more, SEA URCHINS magazine is sure to be a new title kids will love. Underneath I’ve included details about the publication and its creator, Samantha Hewitt. Plus, news about the launch and the support Sam received from her sister, Stacey Solomon, and Dragon Theo Paphitis.

If your child has a passion for nature, the earth, and anything even slightly adventurous, there’s a brand new magazine that is sure to engage and enchant them. SEA URCHINS magazine, aimed at children aged 5 to 15 is all about marine life and conservation, delivered in a way that kids will find exciting and inspiring!

The magazine’s creator Samantha Hewitt, is both a diving expert AND marine biologist. She is passionate about animals, sea life and conservation and aims to make subjects like the ocean, marine life and diving accessible to children everywhere. Helping to show kids how they can do their bit to help, Samantha wants to inspire them to take an interest in an underwater world that is waiting to be explored. Aiming to positively impact on the next generation, Samantha hopes Sea Urchins will persuade kids away from TV and computer screens for a while to learn about the importance of our oceans and looking after them.

The magazine will give children an insight into different oceans around the world, reveal interesting facts about marine species, and cover diving and conservation issues. It will also look at different jobs people do when working in sea and ocean related fields and each issue will also feature a different celebrity either learning to dive or getting involved in a conservation project. Plus it’s packed full of fun quizzes, games and competitions that kids love!

The Sea Urchins pilot issue featuring Stacey Solomon, Samantha sister, is free for visitors at Sea Life’s 11 UK aquariums during November and December 2011, while stocks last ( and also as a free download from the Sea Urchins’ website .

Sea Urchins will launch with its first full issue in February 2012 and is available to order as a quarterly subscription from now. For further information and special subscriber offers please visit

To keep up with all the news from Sea Urchins, follow on Twitter @sea­_urchinsmag or Facebook www.facebook/seaurchinsmag


Sea Urchins is the result of a lifelong dream of Marine Biologist and Padi Diving instructor, Samantha Hewitt. Sam is pictured below with Star of Dragon’s Den and Chairman of Ryman, Theo Paphitis who kindly agreed to sponsor the printing of the pilot issue. She says:

“A life-long love of nature, teaching and conservation has led me to create this magazine on the importance of sea-conservation and what we need to do to look after our beautiful oceans. I have spent most of my life learning about the way nature works and trying to share this with anyone who will listen!

I was first opened up to the wonderful world of nature at the age of seven when my grandfather subscribed me to a wildlife magazine. A small enough gesture but one that had a pretty huge impact. I went on to study marine biology, travel the world, complete more than 1000 dives, work in publishing and now I have embarked on my biggest challenge yet. Sea Urchins!

I hope this magazine will go on to impact the next generation and as many people as possible. With regular features and news updates, Sea Urchins will open your eyes to the things we take for granted, actions we need to start taking and things we need to change. I am extremely proud to be launching this first edition and hope it sparks the interest in you that I felt all these years ago, thanks to my grandfather.”

Samantha has the on-going support of her sister Stacey Solomon who said:

“I’ve grown up with Sam’s enthusiasm and passion for animals and the environment and could not have been more proud of her when she fulfilled her dream of becoming a marine biologist. She is now encouraging my son Zach (3) and our brother Josh (6) in her passion and it’s just wonderful to see their interest starting to grow.”

“Most importantly, they already have a great sense of respect and concern for nature and are starting to understand the positive impact we can have on our environment by all doing our bit!” Stacey continued: “I wish Sam the best of luck with her magazine, and hope that kids today will look forward to receiving their copies of Sea Urchins and develop a life-long love of oceans and the creatures within.”

(Image of Stacey © Phil Coburn/Sunday Mirror)

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