MOT: What to really expect?

A modern mum has to face multitude of challenges on a daily basis. The current lockdown situation has made it even more difficult because things have changed their normal course. In the midst of it all, we adopt a lethal habit of almost taking our car for granted. Maintenance requires time and that is always a task of its own. Then, there are terms like ‘MOT testing’ that exist just to haunt us – or at least it haunts me. In this article, the real picture of MOT certification will be drawn so you are clear on what to expect. Is it really something crucial to put our time, energy and money on?

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MOT certificate

A common misconception is that once you achieve a MOT certificate, it automatically means that your car is fool proof for 365 days. This is a very wrong direction because when the test is performed, the experts monitor the current state of affairs with your car. What you do with your vehicle for the rest of the year, is another story. If you ignore regular maintenance, your car will still not be safe to drive. 

The whole experience

In all honesty, MOT doesn’t have to be a painful or anxiety filled experience. If you have done your research and chosen the right type of garage to do the job – it can be seamless. London is a hub for tyre garages offering this service. But one reliable place to book your MOT in London is from Iverson Tyres (020 8566 4666). There is no waiting time involved because you can book a time slot and date from the website. From a general standpoint, it is important that you choose a tyre shop where all safety protocols are met.

Key factors that are examined

  • Steering & Suspension

  • Fuel system

  • Seats

  • Wipers/ Washers

  • Brakes

  • Electric wiring & Battery

  • Exhaust System

  • Lights

  • Tyre & Wheels

What happens if you just don’t get your MOT

The answer is fairly simple – you don’t get to drive your car! If you lose this certificate or you do not have proper MOT certification then, you can go through heavy fines that can reach up to 2500 pounds. Hence better safe than sorry! Get your MOT certification as soon as you can to have a hassle free and safe drive in the UK.

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