MOT check and car safety

Every car owner deserves a safety guarantee especially when they are driving their vehicle with family. Whether you are taking your car for a trip with family or going for your usual work, your car should be well maintained and should be safe to be driven in. 

If you are someone who is frequently taking short trips in Fife or nearby areas you need to make sure that your MOT is up to date. This is recommended because in case your vehicle is stopped for checking by traffic authorities, you are confident enough to show your updated MOT certificate.

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You should know one thing about the MOT test that it not only implies that the vehicle parts need fixing, but in the long run makes sure that your vehicle is fit and safe to drive for your own safety.

Of course, accidents can still happen even in the safest car, and it could be that you need car accident lawyers to help you out, but if you have an up to date MOT, you’ll know that your car is mechanically safe to drive. 

MOT – Ministry of Transport is a vehicle safety check made compulsory by the UK government. The test makes sure  that your vehicle is abiding by environmental safety laws and is roadworthy to be driven around the UK.  This will also make sure that your vehicle is safety prone and in the long run you will be able to save money on extra vehicle maintenance. 

MOT is usually due after three years of the vehicle being purchased. The roadworthiness of your vehicle will not be in question if your car is brand new. However if your vehicle’s MOT is due,  you need to get it updated before the expiration date. In case you are driving without proper MOT certification and you have been caught by traffic police, you are liable to pay a hefty fine of about £1,000 or more. Furthermore if you are not sure of when your MOT is due , you can check the date by looking at your previous MOT certificate. 

The vehicle parts that are to be tested during MOT include 









If any one of the above mentioned parts fails in the MOT check, then you would be required to fix the failed vehicle parts within 10 working days. It is up to you whether you want to get the vehicle fixed by the current MOT test center or you would like to take it to another garage. However you should make sure that you repair all the failing parts within the legal time required to fix the failed MOT vehicle. 

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Once you have passed your MOT test, you will get a MOT Test Pass Certificate. It is important to always keep this certificate with you while driving so that if your vehicle is being stopped or checked by the traffic authorities for MOT proof, you can show the certificate to them. 

Having said important things about MOT above, you should now check your current MOT certificate if you are planning to travel around the UK soon. If your car MOT is nearing an expiration date then you should rush to get it renewed to avoid hefty fines!

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