How Tina O’Brien, Lorraine Kelly and Boots supported athletes share their unique Father-daughter bonds to inspire women

Every dad has his individual quirks that can make us roll our eyes in red-faced embarrassment or ruefully smile, and it’s these things about them that we love.

Lorraine (her photographs in this piece are from her own archive) commented: “My dad has always been my hero. He and my mum were only 18 when they had me, and they made a lot of sacrifices and worked really hard to ensure that me and my younger brother never wanted for anything. My dad loves science and astronomy and some of my earliest memories are sitting in front of the black and white TV watching The Sky At Night and The Twilight Zone.

When I was five he bought me a telescope and I’ve been fascinated by the night sky ever since. A real ‘My Dad moment’ that sticks out for me is watching the moon landing with my dad. Even now, whenever I’m stargazing, it brings my dad to mind straightaway.”

She continued: “Like most dad’s it is really hard to buy him a present. I usually get him books, chocolates or whisky. But this year, I’m going to surprise him with the Ted Baker’s ‘Ted’s Tool Box’. It will appeal to his more manly Scottish side and will also come in useful when he goes on holiday this summer.”

Tina said: “The moments that stand out the most from my childhood growing up with my Dad is that we would always go kite flying in the park. We would choose a really good stunt kite and we would spend hours flying the kite together. If the kite ever had a collision with a tree my dad was amazing at detangling it from the branches and then at the end of a fun-filled day, he would put me on his shoulders and carry me home. My Dad always shared his time with me and I feel so lucky that trips to the park, conker hunting and duck- feeding stick out as some as my most favourite ‘My Dad moments’ as a child. Whilst I’m not a kid anymore, I now have these ‘My Dad moments’ whenever I watch my dad play with my toddler.”

Tina continued: “It is important to me to get my dad something special that reflects how unique a bond we share and gives him a little reminder of that, so I am going to buy him the large photobook. I am going to pack it full of pictures of us enjoying our kite-flying adventures in the countryside so he has something to cherish.”

Sophia Warner, Sprinter also shared her special relationship with her dad:

“My dad and husband have been instrumental to my success and are both so supportive in different ways. My husband Haydn is an amazing dad (as well as husband) enabling me to live my dream and picking up the pieces by caring for our two young children – while I train full time. My dad has always been my backbone and my voice of reason and I have never got too old to phone him up and ask for his advice!”

Joanne Jackson, Swimmer, commented: “There is (quite literally!) no way I would be where I am today without the amazing support my dad has given me. He has always been there for me, whatever I need. That includes being a great handy man!! Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. A key ‘My Dad moment’ for me would be watching him scale a ladder to show all the dads how it should be done.”

Jess Varnish, Track Cyclist, said: “I first got into cycling through my dad. He was a world champion at cycle speedway so I used to go watch him race. He has been my inspiration. My dad has such an infectious passion for the sport which made this so appealing to me. Any athlete will almost definitely encounter difficult times on their rise to the top and I believe my dad’s positive attitude and support have kept me going. I experience a ‘My Dad moment’ whenever I hit the track!”

Hannah Miley, Swimmer said: “People often ask me how I cope with my dad being my coach, but I enjoy it. He knows me perfectly so he knows how to handle me if I have my odd moments. It’s nice to know I can take him on this journey. To have that kind of relationship, that bond we’ve had has stayed, grown stronger even. My ultimate ‘My Dad moments’ are tied up in jumping into the pool and gathering up the determination needed to strive for the best result possible.”

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