Little Learners – New interactive books for babies

Parragon launches Little Learners, the vibrant new interactive book range for babies.

Little Learners are great not just for babies but also for mums and carers as they allow babies and toddlers to engage, interact and develop through playing with these beautifully illustrated books.
My 5 year old son also loved reading these books by himself so the shelf value of these books is great. Pre-schoolers can also start attempting reading these simple texts while interacting with their fingers.

The tactile and novelty play elements are perfect for little hands, whilst the cute characters and fun storylines will engage their young minds.

These books are devised with key learning concepts to guide babies through the crucial development stages of ages 0-2 years and developed in conjunction with educational experts as well as tested by mums.

They were created in seven fun formats including cloth, pull-out picture play, finger puppets and a bath book gift set.

Parragon, the publisher with a history of engaging and beautifully crafted children’s picture books, are this month releasing Little Learners, a brand new range of colourful, playful and interactive books for babies and toddlers. With alarming stats such as the National Literacy Trust’s recently poll indicating that one in three children in the UK don’t own a book, Parragon aims to ensure that these fun books will ignite a passion for reading and a familiarity with books at the earliest stages of a child’s life.

Designed in partnership with educational consultants and tested by mums and babies, each book in the range focuses on a different level of child development during children’s most crucial learning stages. From young baby through to toddler, the bright, bold and colourful books encourage education and interactive play between parent and baby, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Education and engagement remain at the heart of every book in the Little Learners series, stimulating a child’s curiosity about life and language – always with a primary focus on fun.

Each of the seven formats in the range offers a different experience for small children. Slide and See features bright animal artwork to help parents teach their children about sharing and feelings. Finger Puppet books have their lively designs and engaging soft puppet characters who feature throughout the nursery rhyme stories. Touch and Feel Board Books include encouraging textures and gentle artwork, and Foam Books introduce first words in an easy to hold design.

The range is completed by a Bath Book with Rubber Duck Toy, Cloth Books, and Stroller Books, all designed to help children learn that books are toys in themselves and can go wherever they do. What’s more, the entire range is sturdily constructed, making this a reliable and safe option for young children.

Little Learners aims to make key learning concepts easy for parents as well, with icons on each book indicating its learning functions: interactive play, hand-eye coordination, language development, first words, knowledge of the world, listening skills and a sense of touch.

The Little Learners range will continue with more titles planned for August 2012 and March 2013, including stunning gift sets that all feature exquisite, detailed illustrations to delight children of all ages – making them ideal presents.

The full range is available at all major retailers including Tesco, WH Smith, Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Early Learning Centre with books ranging from £2.99 to £6.99. The range is also available internationally throughout Europe, the United States, Australia (as Little Me), & Latin America (in Spanish).

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