Life after divorce

To newlyweds, who have just taken an oath of love and loyalty, even the idea of separation down the road seems highly unlikely. A divorce alters your life in a variety of ways, and you need to know what to do as a result of this shift. Even if it seems easier than before to file for divorce in GA online, the pain of divorce is significant and not an easy phase to go through. In this blog London Mums look at life after divorce.

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How to live after divorce

All areas of one’s life, including one’s employment, location, daily routine, and social group, are altered as a result of divorce. Whether or not the couple has children has a big influence on their relationship. You have nothing to lose by ending your relationship with your ex if that is your preference. Divorced couples are no longer considered to be husband and wife, but rather are considered to be parents instead. To address this, a change in a communication strategy is required. According to experts, divorce is no different from any other type of loss (for example, the death of loved ones). The five stages of a person’s life are denial, wrath, guilt, despair, and acceptance of one’s own existence. Not getting stuck on any of them is the most crucial thing; getting to the finish is the next most critical thing.

Although the divorce may not seem to be a problem at first, it is recommended that you seek the help of a psychologist to straighten things out. Your chances of developing mental health problems in the future are reasonable. If it is not possible to contact an expert, the following measures should be followed:

  • If your divorce has left a gap in your life, there is reason to be depressed about the situation. Keep in mind, however, that every open position will ultimately be filled.
  • Face your feelings in a direct manner. When you start a new relationship, don’t bring your previous ones with you. In this case, a psychotherapist, hobbies, sports, and friends are all put to use.
  • Self-acceptance is the first step toward self-acceptance. Following a divorce, many people feel unwelcome and unaccepted. It is necessary to enhance one’s feeling of self-worth.
  • Take a look at what you’re interested in learning more about. Perhaps your marriage has prevented you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself. If your spouse was more of a homebody than you were, it’s possible that your desires for more walks or trips to the movies were frustrated since your significant other was more of a couch potato than you were.
  • It is necessary to adjust one’s priorities. Regardless of whether or not your spouse passes away, you’d still have your parents, children, and close friends to count on for support. Do not rush into a new relationship; instead, allow them the space and time they need to get to know one another better.

Who do the children stay with after divorce?

After a divorce, both parents have equal rights to custody of their children, according to an article of the Family Code. However, in practice, it is rarely up and running correctly.

In a signed agreement, the parents can specify who will reside with the kid, how often the child will visit the other parent, and how much alimony, medical care, and educational expenses the child will incur. There are several criteria taken into consideration by the court when ex-spouses cannot agree: the child’s attachment to one parent over the other, the parents’ jobs and living arrangements, and the degree of their income. Fathers, beware: Despite the fact that, upon a divorce, both parents have equal parental rights under Article 54, the court has tended to favor the woman. If a “deprived” parent has a compelling case, they may petition the court for a review. They may say that «divorce pain is killing me» and refuse to pay anything.  Mental or physical illness that might interfere with the child’s development and care, a criminal or administrative case, an antisocial way of life, a significant decline in income, or worsening living conditions are all examples. The reasons for the transfer must be compelling, and dads often have difficulty securing the transfer of a child in their care.


If a parent does not reside with the child, the parent who does not live with the child is responsible for child support. Their monetary worth is determined by the court. If a parent refuses to make a voluntary payment of child support, ex-spouses can contact the accounting department of the firm where the parent works to get the payment started. It is then up to the accounting department to deduct the necessary amount of money from the non-paying parent’s salary. It is possible to falsify an income certificate in order to claim a salary that is far lower than one’s real earnings, which is a disadvantage of this method. For those who do not have a regular job or a continuous source of income, alimony is granted in the form of an amount defined by the child’s subsistence level, which is established by the “alimenter’s” income.

Property after divorce

Who gets the flat in the event of a divorce? It’s probable that she’s in over her head with her mortgage payments. Besides that, is there anything else you’d want to talk about? If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on a marriage contract, you will be required to take the subject to court to resolve the issue.

If a spouse has children under the age of majority, they are compelled by law to divorce their marriage through the legal system. Individual things such as the couple’s joint company, bank accounts, and other savings shall be divided equally by the rules of an article in the same Family Code that governs the distribution of the marital residence. Pets are considered to be a part of the family. Because they may need a significant amount of money to maintain, they are classified as property under the Civil Code. Possessing a feline or canine companion in your marriage is considered in the same way as possessing one in a civil union.

Family after divorce

Is it still possible for a family to operate as a unit after a divorce? Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. It doesn’t matter if parents no longer live together; the bonds that attach them to their children will remain intact. Different members of the family may exhibit aggressive, withdrawing, tense, or withdrawn behaviors depending on how they are feeling at the time. Despite the fact that you should not expect the relationship to improve immediately, you must exercise patience and understanding while still expressing your love and support.

Friends will have a hard time keeping in touch with the ex-spouses if they can’t maintain a healthy connection after the divorce. They’ll probably break off and support one of the partners alone. When a marriage ends, many people will begin to investigate what caused it to end and provide advi?

e that is too late. Some people, on the other hand, may be overjoyed by the divorce and begin searching for a new buddy or girlfriend right once.

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