Keeping household costs down with city centre living

Living in a big city like London is expensive. Everyone knows that. No matter where you live in the city centre, things can be incredibly costly, especially when trying to buy things for your household. Having a family to feed can also add to the costs well more than if you were to be paying for just yourself. Here are some of the things that you can do to manage those budgets a little bit better.

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Ditch the Chain Metro Stores

London is littered with small chain supermarkets. They are convenient in a pinch, it can’t be denied, but they are also incredibly expensive. You need to make sure that you aren’t spending too much on little trips to these stores. It is so easy to pop in to grab some lunch and think “oh I need something for dinner”, and come out with £10 worth of food. These trips all add up.

What’s more, these smaller stores charge a premium for their food. Compare the prices between these smaller sites and one of their main big supermarkets. You might genuinely be shocked at the difference between them. It is always going to better for your budget to stay away from these shops as much as you can.

Head Online

You might have a busy work and family schedule you need to keep up with, and living in the centre of London also means that you might not always have access to a car to use with big weekly shops. Therefore, it can be a better idea to instead take a look at some of the cheapest online food shopping options out there.

By using short-dated food suppliers, like, you will be able to stock up on all the basics that your family loves at a fraction of the price you might pay in the supermarket. This site in particular specialises in clearance food which is close to its best before date, meaning it’s perfectly fine to eat and you can save yourself a considerable amount in the process. What’s more, you will be able to arrange the delivery to come at a time that suits you best.

Choosing to shop at the cheapest online supermarket you can find can result in some amazing savings for your family. You should not have any issue finding some great places to shop, and it should help you to make some amazing savings for your family. Learning where to shop for the best deals is always important, and it can be easier than you think.

Learn Where Your Big Supermarket Is

Of course, you might not always be able to buy everything you need online. Online shopping and home delivery from many supermarkets has helped to make things much easier, but there are some things that still require you to visit the store in person.

Take a look at a local map or head online to find out where your nearest big supermarket is! Even in a big city like London, there are massive stores from all the best chains hidden in between offices and residential homes. Getting to one of these superstores might require you to hop on public transport but it could still be a more cost-effective journey overall compared to if you were to head out to the small express store near your home.

Cook from Scratch

One of the biggest ways for you to tackle that household budget is to cook from scratch as often as you can. This is undoubtedly the cheapest way for you to shop, no matter how much you have to spend on your food each month. Even buying ready-made food begins to add up in cost, and this is obviously not as healthy for you as cooking from scratch.

Living in the centre of London means that you will always have delicious food on your doorstep. Whether you are tempted by the prospect of going out to eat, or you just want to grab a takeaway and delivery at the end of a long and hard day’s work, these meals can sap your budget faster than you can blink.

Learning to cook is easier than you might think. Find some easy recipes to start with, and make sure you try to learn how to make each of your favourite foods. Before you know it, you could have a small collection of all your favourite recipes to make!

Keeping household costs is certainly a juggling act, especially in as expensive a city as London. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to ensure that those costs are kept down. You need to make sure that you start paying close attention to where you are buying from, and how much each of your purchases will cost. Keep takeaways and other luxuries to a minimum, and focus on grabbing high-quality meals for as cheaply as you can. It is time you overhauled the way you and your family approach food shopping in London.

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