Is a basement conversion the right choice for your home?

Keeping the kids entertained at home during lockdown is no easy feat. But, after spending months at home, you may have found that your living space was the biggest challenge that you faced during this time. Life in lockdown has highlighted many issues that people face in their home. Maybe you desperately need a home office space so that you can Zoom without being interrupted by the kids. Or, perhaps you need a playroom because toys are taking over your home. Whatever your reasons, adding some extra space to your family home is an excellent idea. 

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Many families feel desperate for more space but are unable to make this a reality. You may need to move out of the city to afford the home of your dreams, or perhaps you live in a conservation area, so the substantially-sized extension that you need is just not possible. Whatever may be your barrier to making your home work for you, rest assured in many cases, there is usually a way to overcome these barriers and add more space to your home. When extending your home outwards with a single storey or double-height extension is not possible, then why not look to your basement for the answer? A basement conversion is often the perfect solution to gaining more space in a family home. Here is why basement conversions are such a popular choice with homeowners:


Basement Conversions Create More Space Than Loft Conversions

Converting your basement enables you to add a larger area of usable space to your home than a loft conversion. Basement conversions are not as restricted as loft conversions, which are limited by the amount of roof space that you have.


Basement Conversions can Add Substantial Value to Your Home

A basement conversion can add up to 30 percent to the value of your home. But, to realise a healthy return on your investment the basement conversion needs to have a high standard of finish. The amount of value that the basement conversion adds to your home will also depend on its size and how this new space is used.


Gaining Planning Permission May be Easier for a Basement Conversion

Gaining planning permission to extend your home can be challenging, especially in conservation areas. Adding space to your home on a subterranean level is often the best way to overcome this problem. Your planning application may be looked on more favourably if you are not making changes to the facade of your home or increasing its visible footprint. An experienced architect will be able to guide you through the planning process to help give your project the best chance of success based on previous basement conversions that they have completed.


If you decide that a basement conversion is the best way to add extra space to your home, then you must choose the right architects and builders for the job. You need to use professionals that are highly experienced in basement conversions as this is a specialist area of construction.

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