How to Organise Your House Like a Pro

Spring is in the air and I personally love Spring cleaning and de-cluttering. We all tend to accumulate too much stuff (books and old toys are the biggest culprit in my household). There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a beautifully tidy home. Not only does it create an enjoyable living space, but it also enables you to enjoy a more efficient daily routine. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with your house chores recently, you’re not alone.

A recent survey suggests that 39% of Brits would rather throw away a dirty appliance than clean it. This statistic reflects the increasingly busy lifestyles we lead, leaving little time to spend tidying our homes. Trying to balance your work life, social life, hobbies, and maintain the upkeep of a house can certainly be a challenge, but organisation is a great first step to take in regaining control of your home’s appearance.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to help you to ace your home organisation game…


Organise room by room

If you’re undertaking a big home organisation overhaul, it’s best to break it down into manageable stages, otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed and end up worse off than you started. Rather than trying to organise everything at once, take it one room at a time. Begin with your kitchen and then move onto your bathroom, after these rooms are organised and refreshed, tackle your living room. To ensure you stay on track, draw up a plan and a check-list to motivate yourself.

Buy plenty of storage boxes

Storage boxes are an absolute essential when having a clear-out! If you’re looking to de-clutter and cut down on the number of personal belongings out on show, safely tuck them away into a storage box and label them by each room to ensure you don’t have to burst them all open in the near future. If you’re looking for storage that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic box, look out for the various quirky storage ideas using inexpensive materials that you can make yourself, such as a crate bench.

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Hire a self-storage unit

If your house is lacking space, then it might be worth looking into a handy self-storage unit to home some of your possessions whilst you’re trying to re-organise the house. The beauty of self-storage is that it can be accessed at any time, and you don’t have to worry about security. Whether you’re planning on keeping your items there for just a short space of time, or an extended period, it can help you to give your house the clear-out its been waiting for.


Host a garden sale

With summer approaching, now is a great time to round up all of your unwanted belongings and get rid of them in a quick and efficient manner. Hosting a garden sale will cost you only your time, and not only will you get rid of your unwanted goods, but you’ll also earn some extra cash too! You won’t have to worry about postage costs and buyer disputes, you can simply put your items out on the show and any interested neighbours can make you an offer. Create a sign to entice passers-by, and say hello to a clutter-free home.

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