Help decorate Great Ormond Street Hospital with your messages of hope!

The festive season is fast approaching and families are starting to prepare for the holidays. Yet for many this will mean a stay in hospital for treatment.
This can be a very difficult time for children and mum and dad, who are not only coping with the stress of being in hospital, but are away from home comforts, family and friends.

Earlier in the year – the hottest day of 2012 to be exact – staff and brave patients from Great Ormond Street Hospital dressed up in Christmas gear for a photoshoot. After some photoshopping magic the patients were transformed into pixie sized Christmas Tree decorations on the Great Ormond Street Hospital Festive Sweepstake Poster.

This year, there are two ways in which we are hoping that London Mums Magazine readers can really make a difference by ordering a free Sweepstake Poster pack
Christmas sweepstake
– By taking part in the sweepstake, you and your circle of family and friends can make a real difference… and one of your group will win £30 too!

Use the sweepstake side of the poster to get friends or colleagues involved at only £2 a go. For each complete poster someone will win £30 while another £30 will go toward helping the hospital.

Message to the children

Instead of sending Christmas cards to each other this year, why not use the reverse of the Sweepstake Poster to send a message to the children for a small donation? You could save money, save the environment and help improve the stay of a sick child while they are in hospital. Use the snowman side of the poster (which was designed by a patient) to send your festive wishes.

Your child’s school should have received a schools pack on 18th October. If they have not or if they need more copies order them online now.

By ordering your Poster Pack, and by taking part, you will be helping Great Ormond Street to buy the latest specialist equipment, fund research, assist with their redevelopment and provide accommodation for patient families to enable them to stay near their sick child. It will make a real difference to the families the hospital cares for, not only this Christmas but long into the future.

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