Guide to downsizing once your children have left home

Moving house can be an extremely stressful time for anyone. Many people find that between worrying that everything is packed up safely and ensuring they have the correct modes of transport to get them where they need to go, they have no time to stop and actually enjoy the moving process. Without the right planning and support the whole process can quickly become very difficult to manage.

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This is especially true for people of the older persuasion. They will need a lot more help than simply someone to lift and carry their belongings. They will need someone around them that can support them mentally as well as physically.

Although there are many aspects to take into consideration (stress, mobility, etc.), there are just as many, if not more, pros to downsizing once your children have moved out. Firstly you will be able to move to a smaller and more manageable home, this is especially helpful if you struggle getting around. There is also the added benefit of moving somewhere that is more manageable financially, not to mention the opportunity for better support and care if and when you require it. You may want to transfer the ownership of your house to a family member and use the money obtained from remortgaging to purchase a second home. Visit conveyancing companies such Saga Legal to help with the transfer.

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Make sure that, for whatever reason you chose to downsize, it is as hassle free as possible. It is advisable to sit down and draw up a floor plan of your new home, and figure out where you want to put all of your furniture and belongings. Although this might sound tedious, it is extremely helpful for when you’re trying to decide what to take with you, and what needs to be thrown out or given to a new home.

Charity shops or even younger relatives who might be starting out on their own are good places to give away items to that, although you no longer need them, are still in a good condition. That being said, if you can’t find anyone to give these unwanted items a loving home, it is always better to dispose of them then to hang onto them and horde them in a loft, and/or other storage solutions.

If this sounds like a difficult task for you, ask for help – there is nothing wrong with having someone else there to help you sort through your belongings, and help you be more realistic about what you can and can’t take. Another sure way to help keep the pace up is to have the end goal in your sights at all times. Make sure you congratulate yourself when you take another step closer to having everything sorted and in its correct place.

If all of this advice still doesn’t quite help you to get over the prospect of downsizing, don’t forget that there are specialists out there that are ready and willing to help you every step of the way. Saga have helped many individuals and families to go through the downsizing process, and are therefore an excellent choice for you if you’re feeling the strain.

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