Government must invest in Mothers and Children

There is a building for sale in my local community for £250,000 huge windows, really fab art gallery and place for Mums to work and earn money in Pontarddulais near Swansea. This could change Mums’ and children’s lives. It used to be an old school. My friend Merrill has a shop in Hastings Old town called The Wardrobe. Approximately two years ago I met with Bag (our nick name) and she told me she was making significant money every month from selling second hand designer clothes.

Now this is where it gets exciting. Mums, we can help each other out of the darkness and into the light. I want the Government/Royal Family/Banks/Internet to help us buy this building and turn it around to a place where Mothers help each other to get a better life for their children.


  •  Sell second-hand dressing up clothes
  •  Sell second-hand children’s and adult clothes
  • Sell second-hand toys
  • Sell arts and crafts
  • Make the building into a children and parents’ art gallery

As my friend is making a wonderful profit out of selling designer clothes I know that my ideas will not only give Mums work that fits in with their children but a support group so they can work which they need. As with the awful low paid jobs and salaries less than men we need help.

Here is a picture of my friends shop in Hastings The Wardrobe. Merrill and I grew up together. Her Mum recently passed away. She was like a second Mum to me and gave me huge support when my Mother was ill.

Come on Mums we can change the world!



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